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Vedo The Singer hosts “The Quintessential State of Mind” Meet and Greet

Last Night The Quintessential Gentleman had the opportunity to partner with New WAV Music Group and CiThePluglicist to bring fans an official meet and greet for Vedo the singer. Many of you may know Vedo from his journey on NBC’s The Voice. He was the protege of Usher. He experienced an emotional journey during his time on the show and became an international start in the process. The event featured an intimate Q&A moderated by the ladies of  “Who Hired The Chicks”.  Vedo shared his journey of life and his ultimate decision to make a career out of music. He also shared  and inspiration from each song from his EP “State of Mind” that is making waves around the country. Congrats Vedo on your success and we look forward to the next project coming out later this year.

About Vedo: Many know Vedo from NBC’s singer competition, “The Voice, while other may be accustom to Vedo’s distinctive tone from covers and his original work featured on Youtube. Well Vedo is back at it again and in full force. Earlier this year Vedo decided to begin his own label titled New WAV Music Group and on April 8th he released his newest project, the first project on his own label, “State Of Mind”.

Follow Vedo on Social Media @VEDOtheSinger


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