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Up Close and Personal with Actor Phil Ductan

Growing up in New York can be a blessing, especially if you can navigate your way through the concrete jungle. “Real, grounded, and cold. The cold builds character and instills a good work ethic.”

This is what Bronx native Phil Ductan had to say about the city. Growing up with a Haitian and Dominican background, Ductan already had a bold personality which the acting world needs although he didn’t have acting in mind when he was younger. He played basketball in college, which he says was his “first love”. After playing basketball for and attending Lehman college, Ductan became a trainer. This eventually led to him training actors on their workouts, which after many questions led him to discover his “second love” acting.

Ductan mentioned that an acting career is enjoyable because “Its not about picking one career. You get to wear different hats.” The versatility of this career is what keeps Ductan locked in. Although all good things come with obstacles, having to turn down appropriate roles was a challenge to Ductan starting out. He understood his worth and stayed “grounded.” Ductan knew that he didn’t want to be labeled as a single role type of actor.

Creating bonds in the industry is what kept Ductan motivated on his journey. Ductan mentioned that Marc John Jefferies (Notorious, Get Rich or Die Trying) provided him with the tools through his acting academy, While Micheal K Williams (Superfly, Hap and Leonard) provided him the materials to build as an actor.

Working on various films like Uncle Drew has been a dream come true for Ductan. Uncle Drew, a street ball comedy starring famed NBA guard Kyrie Irving is set to release June 29. Having a feature role in the film shows its obvious Ductan is making his dreams come true.

Ductan mentioned that his race is what drives his hunger to make it. Applauding the success of Black Panther. Ductan wants to speak up for POC (people of color) in all his roles coming in the future to let them know we can do it. Thinking of himself as “nothing less than an A list actor”, Ductan has plans of producing his own films one day and creating different projects down the line. “Who knows what the future may hold.” Ductan said confidently.

Make sure to check Phil Ductan out in the upcoming film Uncle Drew and follow him on Instagram.


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