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Uniquely UAE: 4 Must-Visit Destinations you Should Know

The rich and exuberant country, United Arab Emirates is a land of history, culture with a dash of mysticism. From the desert sand dunes to the glamorous nightlife, Dubai is a rare combination of old meets modern charm. The cities of UAE are specially designed to cater to the bludgeoning tourist population, which has increased over the years. With a state of the art infrastructure to ensure seamless mobility across the cities, UAE is definitely one of the countries worth visiting.

If you are considering a vacation to this magnificent country, then look no further as we have curated an exclusive list of destinations to visit in UAE.


Home to several architectural marvels, like Burj Khalifa (tallest skyscraper in the world, it is 828 meters high). Dubai has a fleet of luxury hotels, with world-class services to ensure your stay is comfortable. The nightlife in Dubai is another gem for party lovers, with exclusive pubs and restaurants with an aerial view of the city.

For the shopaholics, step into the Dubai Mall and shop till your feet stop. With designer and high-end showrooms, lining every nook and corner of the mall, you will be spoiled for choice and will not regret spending your time and money in this shopping haven. Now, you can shop relentlessly as you might save a great deal with the budget-friendly Dubai Holiday Packages from Flamingo Transworld.

Palm Jumeriah – Palm Islands

One of the world’s most famous man-made islands, it is a visual treat to behold. With state of the art infrastructure and planning, these islands are a must-visit when in UAE. They also have several water sports and parks to keep you engaged throughout your stay. Coupled with luxury hotels, these islands are specially designed for tourists.

Gold Souk

Arabs love their gold, and there is no better proof than the Gold Souk, which is a mecca for everything gold. The entry to the souk is free, but you will be tempted to loosen your pockets once you witness the exclusively crafted gold ornaments and souvenirs. They also have some rare gemstones on display and on sale. Plan your next trip to Dubai from a range of exclusive Dubai Holiday Packages, and be prepared to be enchanted with this city.

Abu Dhabi

The capital of UAE is another gem that deserves to be explored and is one of the safest cities in the world. With some wonderful water parks and amusement parks to visit with the children, this is a perfect city for a vacation with family. Abu Dhabi is also the seat of many archaeological wonders and was once well known for its trade in pearls. It is advisable to visit Abu Dhabi post-September, as the temperatures soar during the months of May to September and dust storms are rampant during the summer season.


This city is the center of culture and commerce and is a perfect getaway for history buffs. Sharjah was one of the richest cities in the UAE in ancient times. The Mleiha archaeological center is a must-visit, it depicts the history of Sharjah and UAE. UNESCO awarded Sharjah as the “Cultural Capital of the Arab World” in 1998, and continues to hold several conservation initiatives to protect the heritage of Sharjah.

Al Qasba

Apart from museums, Al Qasba is a fun place to unwind with some exciting rides, shopping and restaurants. If you are with kids, this is the perfect place to visit as there are exclusive children’s play areas and activities to keep them engaged.

Sharjah Aquarium

Another favorite in Sharjah, this underwater paradise is home to several marine species. This was built as an effort to conserve marine life and promote the importance of marine life conservation. So do pay a visit to this underwater wonder.


This city is home to Al – Bidyah Mosque, it is one of the oldest mosque in the world and has an awe-inspiring historical relevance, the surrounding archaeological sites have revealed some fascinating facts of the origin and timeline of this establishment Fujairah also has some beautiful beaches like Al Aqah to lounge and sunbathe on the sandy shores. Some important spots include Fujairah museum, Hajar mountains and Fujairah fort. Your stay in Fujairah is bound to be peaceful, while you take in the serenity of this ancient historical city with Dubai Holiday Packages.

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