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Turned Gentleman Featuring Cham

Turned Gentleman is a platform created to allow individuals to experience our process of rejuvenating and invigorating one’s own personal style. This segment is what we call our process of transforming a man into a gentleman. Our subjects are public figures who are in search of a style that matches their new level of success, sophistication, and confidence.

We also take pride in highlighting individuals that embody our credo, our belief that one can channel their exceptional talents to succeed in anything, with a bit of tenacity. There are few recording artists that fit this mold quite like Reggae/Dancehall legend, Cham!

Cham 6

The Jamaican born musician grew up dreaming of a life in music. Inspired by his culture from earlier memories of back home, the nostalgic artist, with a juxtaposition of retro and modern, produces classic and timeless music.

Cham’s presence in music and fashion cross-pollinate one another. Formerly known as “Baby Cham” – International Reggae Dancehall artist, Cham, continues his legacy with the release of his newest single, “Get Drunk”, in anticipation of Cham’s upcoming album entitled, “Lawless”. In addition, he also has a ‘Lawless’ line of apparel.

Learn more about Cham in our exclusive QG interview and see why he is a Quintessential Gentleman.

Photographer – Djimi Williams Fashion Stylist – Mickey Freeman

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