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Turkish Billionaire, Emir Bahadir, Speaks on What it Means to be a True Jetsetter and Men’s Fa

Jetsetter is a term used very loosely in today’s culture. If you hop on a plane from New York to the Bahamas twice a year, some may call you a jetsetter. We had the opportunity to speak to Turkish Billionaire Emir Bahadir who is a true jetsetter. Check out our interview below as he talks traveling the world, Fashion and Rich Kids of Instagram.

Emir Bahadir, you’ve made quite the name for yourself as a mogul and entrepreneur, but you didn’t come out of obscurity. How did you amass global recognition and such a following on social media?

Growing up, I was constantly traveling all over the world with my family and I attended an international boarding school in Switzerland where I made so many incredible friends and was exposed to all their different cultures. I think this upbringing helped me become a “global citizen.” I am able to connect with people on a personal level about where they’re from and what their passions are. I’ve always focused on the bigger picture, whether it be my work or personal life. I think personal connection with the people I work with and hanging out with them is the most important thing and this translated into my social media. Whether it’s my style, the events I attend or the friends I am with, being real and honest helps me develop a natural connection with my followers. I think that is the key to social media success and of the reasons I amassed global recognition. I started using Instagram as an album for myself and my friends, organic and real snaps of my day to day lifestyle and travels. People seemed interested in finding more about me, and I decided to follow this path to show them my real life. I hope that I can be an inspiration to young people that want to grow their own businesses and forge their own paths as entrepreneurs, as well as an inspirational role model to the younger generation entrepreneurs.

You are the epitome of a modern day jet setter. What does it mean to be a jetsetter and how do you set your own trends as opposed to following them?

I was raised in a family where no one ever followed in anyone’s footsteps. We all were determined and inspired to create our own businesses and bring our own ideas to life. I was groomed to be creative, innovative, and independent from a very young age. Seeing my family run their businesses, I was able to learn how to be an effective manager and leader and I think this naturally translated to setting my own trends. To me, jetsetting means being connected all over the world, rather than just being able to travel constantly. Anyone with means can travel the world without a problem, but real experiences come from knowing the locals and developing a real appreciation for wherever it is that you are. If you don’t learn from the destination you are in, you will always be a tourist and not a jetsetter.

Your last name is Bahadir, which you have turned into a popular hashtag (#Bahadiring). What does that mean and how has that taken your brand to the next level?

Whenever I do something, whether it be planning a trip, organizing a dinner party, or starting a new business venture, I like to be in control of every detail from start to finish. Because of this, friends always ask me where to eat, where to stay, how to get there, and what to wear. I became somewhat of a “lifestyle connoisseur”. When all these aspects come together, it is #Bahadiring. It started as something I used personally and with my friends, then on social media and it only grew from there. The hashtag gained popularity in Turkey and slowly made its way all over the world. I never expected it to be as big as it is, but now I aim to use Bahadiring as my umbrella brand. The first thing I did was change my real estate company’s name to Bahadiring Realty, which functions as a brokerage and development firm based out of New York City. Now, I am working on various collaborations with skin care and fashion brands. Eventually, I would like to dive into different industries where I see a lack in the market and try to fill this gap by using my brand, Bahadiring.

Anyone who follows your Instagram page, which now almost has 600,000 followers will see that fashion is a common thread throughout your posts. How important is fashion to you and why is it important to highlight your style on social media?

Fashion is important to me because I believe that first impressions are the most memorable. Being well put together and stylish really sets a person apart from the rest, especially during your first encounter with someone. Because of my large social media following, I think people expect me to look a certain way and always be well dressed. I love to take risks with my outfits and I always go for the bolder choice, so it’s become somewhat of a trademark for me on my social media. Being interested in fashion makes it easy for me to put together a look and now it is something I have fun with and look forward to.

No longer just a hashtag, Bahadiring has been coined as the name for your new menswear collection? When does that launch and what kind of items can we expect from the collection?

It is expected to launch shortly and it will include a diverse and very fashionable line of clothing, focusing on high quality comfort and versatility. We will also be launching skin care for businessmen and jetsetters on the go, with a face and eye mask that is easy and quick to use, yet effective.

As an entrepreneur and lifestyle connoisseur, what advice would you give other gentleman looking to be enterprising in fashion and business?

The most important thing is to find a project you truly believe in and are passionate about. There are always risks involved in starting a new business, but if you feel deep down that it’s the right project, it makes it much easier to take those risks. Every product that I work on is a product that I myself would buy in a heartbeat. I feel a sense of pride with everything that I do as an entrepreneur and I would suggest that anyone who wants to branch out in business feels the same about their projects.

Your followers look to you as somewhat of a trend forecaster in terms of fashion, with that being said what designer or designers are you wearing now and who do you have your eyes on for the near future?

I don’t like to stick to one brand. I’d rather pick and choose what I like and put together different styles in a way that suits me. Just like everyone else, I do have my obsessions and favorites. I like Dolce & Gabbana for silk wear, the quality is great, the fit is comfortable, and the colors and patterns are bold. I like Balmain for leather and suede pants, and Fendi for their brave fur jackets for men. Every designer has that one thing that they do better than anyone else and I shop accordingly. That’s what makes shopping fun for me. I’m also not afraid of trying new, up and coming designers and learning more about their concepts. It helps me learn more about my own personal taste when I see something new that I may not have tried before.

How was your experience being a part of the docuseries, “Rich Kids of Instagram” and were you able to dispel some myths about being a young rich millennial?

I was part of the main cast on Rich Kids of Instagram. The reason I chose to do this show was to show people that coming from wealth does not necessarily mean that I am an arrogant and wasteful human being. I am a hard working entrepreneur that’s always happy to take risks and start new businesses. I feel that the audience got the message and the feedback showed I was motivational to the younger generation. I wanted to show people that coming from a privileged background does not mean that you have to be unmotivated. This show made me think about other TV related projects I am currently working on as well. It opened up a passion I had not been aware of before.

In addition to men’s fashion, it’s been said that you will be venturing into the realm of male cosmetics. Tell us about this and why are male grooming and skin care a critical niche market for you?

It’s always been important for me to look and feel my best. With skincare, I felt it was hard to find something made for the busy man on the go. I developed an eye mask and face mask that you can wear while getting ready and simply toss it away when you’re done. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed in just 15 minutes. It’s super convenient and I haven’t seen anything like it. I want my lifestyle brand to cater to men that want the best in life but work hard and need versatile products and I feel that this skincare line does just that.

Make sure to follow Emir Bahadir on Instagram.


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