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Top Trucking Accessories for Winter

Keep your truck moving forward and out of the ditch with high-quality winter accessories. Semi-truck accessories designed for winter driving can keep you visible, increase your traction and help you stay safe during any emergency situation. Check out these top trucking accessories and prepare your truck for plenty of long hauls through the ice and snow all winter long.

New Headlights

Dull or burned-out headlights will do little good in a snowstorm. When visibility is low all day long, you need bright headlights to blaze a trail through the snow and keep your truck visible. Search for new bulbs or replace your entire headlight unit for increased visibility for everyone on the road. Poor driving conditions are common in winter, so inspect all your exterior lighting and consider adding additional LED running lights for maximum safety.

Quality Winterfront

One of the most specialized winter accessories for your truck is a winterfront. This premium accessory protects your truck from the harsh wind and cold temperatures of winter. Protect your engine from cold startups, enjoy a more comfortable ride and reduce your fuel consumption with a premium winterfront. Compare brands and find a winterfront that fits your exact truck for hassle-free installation and comprehensive protection.

Emergency Kit

Even the safest drivers experience loss of traction and other emergencies. When your battery dies, you run out of fuel or your truck slides off the road, you need an emergency kit to wait for assistance. Pack your kit with a medical kit, some warm clothing, a snow shovel and road salt. Don’t forget flares and emergency lighting, particularly if you’re trucking across rural areas with few passersby.

Snow Chains and Snow Tires

Thankfully, you can avoid many of these emergency situations by preparing with the right winter gear. Snow chains and tires offer unbeatable traction through even the thickest snowdrifts and across the worst black ice. While your fuel economy may suffer when using snow tires in the summer, on winter roads few accessories compare to proper tires and chains.

Check with your trucking route to see about regulations regarding snow chains. These tough tire additions are crucial for traction in hazardous conditions, but some cities, highways and other areas have regulations regarding their use.

Jumper Cables

An older battery may experience poor performance in the winter. Cold temperatures, combined with an outdated truck battery, can cause it to lose its charge quickly or even crack. Bring a pair of jumper cables with you to avoid a dead battery while on the road. From cold temperature affects to accidentally leaving your lights on, there are many ways to experience a dead battery. Don’t get caught in the cold without a strong battery charge to keep your truck running and warm.

Get Your Top Accessories Today

From the latest Peterbilt headlights to affordable snow tires and jumper cables, shop for the best winter accessories online. Don’t let a little snow or cold temperatures keep you from safe trucking. Prepare for any weather conditions to enjoy cross-country hauls or short rides in your favorite truck.

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