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[Trailer] What if Cell Phones Controlled Us?

Cell 2

Our Cell phones are attached to our ears and we pretty  much can’t do anything with out them. Why would we want to live without them when they do everything for us. We pay our bills, we go shopping, we watch tv, we play on them and so much more. Cell phones are as important as our wallets. Well what happens in a world where being on your cell phone can transform you into the worst.

If your a fan of Walking Dead or any Zombie movie well your in for a treat with Cell. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack this movie based on the Steven King novel Cell is bound to have you bound to your seats. Something happens and everyone who was on their cell phone turns into a zombie.

I’m excited to see what happens to the world with being on your cell phone is a disease! Maybe it could teach us a lesson about being so attached to technology and more importantly our cell phones. We could remember the times when children actually played outside, families sat at the dinner table and talked and couples communicated outside of text messages.

Checkout the trailer below.


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