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Top Places To Visit in The South of France

It’s a common misconception that the South of France is a destination that you just visit and can see in one trip. This region is, in fact, made up of a variety of locations in the southern area of France, and it has a unique charm. There is one thing in common with this spot, though, and that is you’ll want to revisit time and time again once you’ve taken your first holiday there.

So what makes this location so unique? Just take a look at some of the top places to visit on a trip to the South of France and discover the diverse experiences that await you.


Nice is one of the first places you think of when you considering holidaying in the South of France. This beachside city is the fifth largest in France, and the long esplanade offers a vibrant place to soak up the sunshine. The area is teeming with things to do and plenty of shopping opportunities. Plus, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafés to sample delicious French cuisine.


Taking a step inland, you’ll find the beautiful region of Provence. This is the perfect spot for anyone looking to enjoy the classic ambiance of French culture. The landscape is scattered with undulating countryside and quaint towns and villages. Plus, no trip to this destination would be complete without tasting the fruits of the area, wine! There are a number of villas in South of France that are near to some of the best vineyards in the region. Therefore, it’s the ideal opportunity to take a tour and sample the varieties on offer.


Located on the Cote d’Azur, Cannes is most famously known for its star-studded film festival. However, aside from the A-listers that regularly grace this location, it also makes for the perfect trip throughout the year. Cannes has a spectacular sandy beach and beautiful gardens to admire. Also, there’s no end of designer boutiques and charming restaurants to watch the world go by. You could also climb Mont Chevalier for captivating views over Cannes and the Mediterranean.


For a French island getaway, Corsica is a top choice. This exquisite and unspoiled location basks in the sun for most of the year. The diverse scenery offers you a backdrop of majestic mountains while its landscape is scattered with emerald forest and stunning valleys. This unique location provides a slice of Italian and French heritage, and there are a number of events and celebrations throughout the year. The food is another feature that draws people to the island, and what’s not to love when you have both delicious French and Italian favorites on offer.

St. Tropez

Another glamourous location on your holiday hotlist should be St Tropez. The azure waters and spectacular beaches are just some of the best bits about this spot. However, it also has tons more to offer visitors. The harbor is a sight to behold, and you might just capture sight of a few famous yachts bobbing in the waters. Plus, as it’s a pull for celebrities the world over, you could bump into the rich and famous on your stay. The Old Town also offers an insight into the history of the location.

Top Tip: Don’t miss the open-air Provencal Market to grab a basket of French cheeses and flowers. 


Located between Nice and Cannes sits the beautiful destination of Antibes. The town boasts plenty of historical sites and cultural nuances and is home to the Picasso Museum. The coastline here is a spectacular place to explore. You can hire a bike to cycle around the coast on the Chemin du Calvaire trail, which leads to some of the best coves, including La Garoupe beach. After exploring, why not stop off at one of the iconic boulangeries for a delicious French baguette? It will leave a divine taste in your mouth.

Porquerolles Island

Another of the region’s top island destinations in Porquerolles. This location is one of three archipelagos that are just a 15-minute ferry ride from St Tropez. It’s a tiny spot that is only four miles long and two miles wide and is totally car-free. Therefore, the best way to explore it is by bike. Just make sure to pick up some picnic treats in the main market before you set off on your adventure.

You also won’t want to miss the spectacular views from the island, so be sure to stop off at the variety of beaches to soak up the scenery. Plage Notre Dame on the north coast is certainly a beach not to be missed.


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