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Top 25 Movies on Netflix or Hulu

If you’re not currently bingeing a show or just prefer the movie format, both platforms have a lot of options. However, with so many options and constantly being bombarded by what they want you to watch, it can be hard to choose. If, when you are streaming these films, you find that they keep buffering then you should look at the best broadband deals here to see if there is a faster deal near you for cheaper! This list will feature titles you may not have seen or may be sitting deep in the depths of your watchlist.

Warning: this list is 100 percent accurate as each title was chosen based on these merits

  1. Are they on Netflix Or Hulu

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I hope that clears up any questions you may have. If there are any complaints and/or issues with this take it up with the Author.

25. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (Hulu)

Tagline: Nature Just got Gangster

The more realistic version of ‘UP,’ this movie follows a city kid and his foster parents in the “bush” of Scenic New Zealand. This comedy channels the same aesthetic of Wes Anderson (featured lower on this list) and goofy characters push this at times preposterous story.

Filled with lovable and quirky characters, this film is significant not only for its subject matter but the journey each character experiences and is at its core a heart warming tale of love, life, and family.

(Also, Child Services is not to be trifled with.)

24. Léon: The Professional (Hulu)

Tagline: A professional hitman, an innocent witness, a corrupt detective who went too far.

Yes, listen to Gary Oldman just stay inside and watch movies all day. Particularly The Professional from 1994 about a very chill assassin and a very young Natalie Portman as his apprentice. Set in a gloomy and grimy NYC with the underbelly of New Yorks finest and its crime syndicates and what not.

Since its release, this film has become something of a cult-classic not only for its action but the compassion felt throughout.

23. Desperado (Hulu)

Tagline: When the smoke clears, it just means he’s reloading.

Desperado is a fast paced Robert Rodriguez action film. With a pre-Spy Kids Antonio Banderas as the gunslinging Hero. Action-packed and very fun, desperado is the movie today’s Hollywood is afraid to make. Selma Hayek is tremendous and so is her hair in the wind!(flawless)

22. Zootopia (Netflix)

Tagline: Welcome to the urban jungle.

In the new wave of high-end animation, this film stands out amongst the rest. Disney Studios put together a fun and light hearted film that also touches on real issues. Through metaphor and innuendo, an animated movie was quietly one of the most progressive and woke movies of 2016.

Not to mention just a fun buddy-cop (bunny-cop????) movie with animals, that’s infinitely rewatchable.

21. Good Burger (Netflix)

Tagline: It’s All That only juicier.

While it is categorized as a comedy, Goodburger is more a love story. A love story of the American dream and its obsession with meat on a Bun. Although secretly this movie dives into the world of GMO‘s and preservation of small businesses against the capitalistic society. It embodies late 90’s culture, and with the duo of Kenan and Kell, the innocence of these characters and story is just an easy watch.

20. Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (Netflix)

Tagline: The deeper you go, the weirder life gets

The story of an Oceanic Explorer who spends most his days wallowing in self-pity. Now years removed from the height of his successful ventures Steve Zissou embarks on a voyage to find the fictional shark that ate his friend. The unique colors and style from Wes Anderson make every movie of his their own individuality. The blunt and forward dispositions of the Characters is a classic trait of Anderson films and what this film lacks in a sense makes up for in originality and style.

19. Creed (Hulu)

Tagline: Your legacy is more than a name.

A story that was forty years in the making from the first Rocky where Carl Weathers first embodied the Character of Apollo Creed. While Creed is something of a sequel but it is also a stand alone film that is more than just about boxing but a search for inner tranquility. Not to mention having Micheal B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson acting opposite each other is something special.

18. Life is Beautiful (Hulu)

Tagline: An unforgettable fable that proves love, family, and imagination conquer all.

While critically the film was met with differing opinions on how they handle its delicate subject matter. However, the Italian film is at its core a sad yet beautiful and heart warming story of a father hiding the horrors of the world from his young son.

Fun fact: this movie is completely in subtitles!

17. Enemy Of The State (Netflix)

Tagline: It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you.

A thrilling and compelling thriller and spy dramas are hard to come by in today’s culture. With that, the story is carried by Will Smith who remains one of the few actors that can make something compelling just by being on screen.

16. Up in the Air (Hulu)

Up in the air is not the movie you want to watch on a Friday night when you’re looking to unwind. This dialogue heavy story is like a corporate version of House of Cards. It’s intellectually stimulating and also humanizes a man whose existence is based upon being the face of peoples worst days. Quickly being replaced by machines, George Clooney starts to question the choices he’s made in his life and finds himself at a cross road while training a rookie (Anna Kendrick).

15. Fruitvale Station (Netflix)

Tagline: Every step brings you closer to the edge.

In his young Career, Michael B. Jordan has amassed quite the Resume of performances from his early days on ‘The Wire.’ However, no performance has been as powerful and heart wrenching as ‘Fruitvale Station.’ The story of a man trying to get his life together for his kid, but is fatally shot while being detained by police.

This true story portrays 22-year-old Oscar Grant on the last day of his life in 2008. The story is moving and aggravating and gave an image to this senseless violence. Jordan and director Ryan Coogler together made a personal and emotional story and one of the more important films on this list.

14. Beginners (Netflix)

Tagline: This is what love feels like.

The movie that finally gave Christopher Plummer and Oscar are also on its own a fantastic piece of cinema. Told from the perspective of Plummer’s son, Ewan Mcgregor, as he finds out that his father is gay, but also he’s terminally ill with cancer. This at times debilitating drama thrives off its dreary moments and sensations of emptiness.

The films use of quiet for long stretches of time can empty your body of feeling entirely. But just when it’s reached its darkest, life ensues and quaint moments of joy and beauty shine through in this story of modern day family and what they leave behind.

13. The Big Short (Netflix)

Tagline: This is a true story

Yeah, so this gif does not represent the plot of the film…at all. However, Margot Robbie almost acts as living cliff notes as she explains complicated financial systems all from the bubbles of her bath tub. It also features an aloof Brad Pitt and an irritable Steve Carrell in the years leading up to the housing crisis of the 2000’s. Oh yeah, and Ryan Gosling does that thing where he speaks really fast, so you forget he’s actually Canadian.

This saturated script can at times seems like you’re sitting through a meeting with your financial advisor. It’s not always clear “who’s doing what,” and “whos making money,” and “how did everyone get away with this?”

12. Nightcrawler (Netflix)

Tagline: The closer you look the darker it gets.

One of the more perplexing actors of this century, Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the weirdo with the camera(TMZ). The question of is Jake Gyllenhaal a good or a great actor had never been more in flux after the movie’s release in 2014.

Beautifully shot and Gyllenhaal is incredibly unlikeable(in a good way). His character is at times repulsive if not uncomfortable. His on screen awkwardness, however, does not take away from the film.

11. Inglourious Basterds (Netflix)

Tagline: Once upon a time in Nazi-occupied France…

Since Quentin Tarintino hit the scene, he has received praise for his style, and flare for story telling. In what is likely his most traditional film, Tarintino does not lose sight in what makes his work compelling. With a cast filled with great character actors led by Brad Pitt doing an impression of Brad Pitt.

This film is told from two perspectives. That of the owner of a movie theater and from the view point of Brad Pitt and his men. The first of these storylines is entirely subtitled and is filmed almost as if it is an entirely different film. However, it works, especially when the two storylines unknowingly cross-paths.

10. Gangs of New York (Hulu)

Tagline: America Was Born In The Streets.

Dicaprio/Scorsese/based in New York: All the makings of an overrated film to the tenth degree. With strong performances from Daniel Day Lewis, Cameron Diaz, and John C. Reily, this film is slightly overrated. It’s three hours long and the at times the plot gets drawn out and the story of the early days New York looks more like a prequel to Warriors (1979).

That being said, the film is enjoyable and interesting but is probably 30 minutes too long.

9. Sicario (Hulu)

Tagline: The border is just another line to cross.

Benicio Del Torro that could be that was said about this movie, and it would speak volumes, but there’s so much more. This heart pounding, nerve racking thriller is oozing of re-watchability. Josh Brolin and Emily Blunt also star in this film and are both competing with Del Torro with who can be the angriest looking person on screen.

Emily Blunt won, but she only took home one award. Del Torro, as usual, stole the show as the mysterious man who seems to know more than he’s letting on. In a moment Del Torro can switch his character from laid back to firing on all cylinders. The stakes are high in this film and the last 20 minutes of this movie are some of the most intense moments in film history.

8. Amelie (Netflix)

Tagline: One person can change your life forever.

Voted the second favorite movie in all of Australia, this film appeals to more than those “down under.” This wonderful little French film relates to anyone’s child like wonder and curiosity as Amelie has trouble Adulting as many of us do.

The brightness of her character even while those around her are filled with self-pity and disgust shines through. Her intricate hobby is what leads her down this wild goose (no geese were harmed in the making of this film) chase we find ourselves strengths the audience’s affection for her character and her story.

Another film in all subtitles (that’s three if you’ve been following along).

7. Milk (Netflix)

Tagline: His life changed History, His courage changed lives.

On subject matter alone, this film needs to be seen. This agonizing story of Harvey Milk (played by Sean Penn) and his struggles as an American gay activist who fought for gay rights and became California’s first openly gay elected official.

This powerful drama is filled with great performances from those with even the smallest of roles. There isn’t much to say about this film because you simply need to watch it, to understand.

6. On the Waterfront (Hulu)

Tagline: Tender love…terrifying conflict!

AFI’s eighth greatest movie of all-time stars, the original Savage, Marlon Brando. Like many films on this list, this story follows the actions (or lack there of) of one character. It follows the trials and tribulations of a former prize fighter, Terry Malloy. Down on his luck and living by the bay, Brando has trouble finding his way without boxing.

yes, it’s in black and white and yes it’s slow paced by today’s standards but it happens to be worth it.

5. Sunset Boulevard (Netflix)

Tagline: This is it .. the most compelling dramatic story ever unfolded on the screen .. a tale of heartache and tragedy and ambition .. told against the fabulous background of Hollywood.

From one old film to the oldest film, Sunset Boulevard set the stage for many movies we see today. Rarely is a film as impactful to Cinema but yet relatively unknown to the public. Even 67 years after the film’s release I am reluctant to give out details of the story as to not spoil even a minor detail.

A title typically saved for an elective film class Netflix is bringing the heat with some of these TCM classics. One of the stranger films on AFI’s top 100, not because of the story but because of the performances that cap it off.

4. Moana (Netflix)

Tagline: The ocean is calling.

“Why is Moana here?” It’s here because it’s incredible, visually, musically and even the length is great. If you’re looking for a rich and uplifting story this is the one. With an impeccable cast that seems to flow with one another instead 0f stand apart. The story of a girl who is faced with a task that she may or may not be ready to complete but she doesn’t have time to figure that out.

Also, the soundtrack is fire (available on all streaming platforms and Vinyl(you’re welcome)).

3. No Country for Old Men (Netflix)

Tagline: There Are No Clean Getaways

Okay so when I was talking about Sicario earlier, just imagine what I said except it is in all caps and instead of Del Torro, Javier Bardem is running wild and instead of Emily Blunt we have agent K himself, Tommy Lee Jones. This period piece taking place in and around the Mexican border never fully explains itself. However, it doesn’t have to as the Coen brothers put together one of the greatest films of this century and is actually a low-key western.

Every moment is filled with intensity and every character fully understands that. One, in particular, is Bardem who uses the intensity and fear of other characters to take even more life and humanity out of his character who is already a lifeless nightmare. A decade after its release this film has already influenced major motion picture throughout the industry (one being Sicario).

2. Apocalypse Now Redux (Hulu)

Tagline: The Horror. . . The Horror. . .

A cinematic masterpiece from Frances Ford Coppola, this movie explores the atrocities of war and filth that comes with it. While the land scape of most war films could now be considered over saturated, Apocalypse holds up almost forty years after its initial release.

As is the nature of film making, this movie has seen some its strongest scenes ripped off in other lesser films and will likely have an adverse affect on your viewing experience. However, this film has something none of those films can take away.

Laurence Fishburne when he was going by the name of Larry Fishburne.

Also, young Harrison Ford is in this film. It is interesting to see him as a non-angry old man/star-wars character.

1. City of God (Hulu)

Tagline: *the taglines don’t do this film justice*

You made it to the final Film of this endeavor. When I say it has everything, I’m not exaggerating. The story follows two boys who grow up in the same neighborhood but follow very different paths. However, both characters as we know from the start are destined to cross paths again. Through stories of love and heart break, death and deception, ‘City of God’ paints a colorful image of the streets of Brazil (yes that’s another foreign film(and yes it’s in subtitles)).

Filled with great characters and first-time actors this film feels real. Almost as if the contents are playing out in front of your eyes. This beautiful adventure into the life of one teenager and his group of friends. The dark life of another teenager who has made a name for himself amongst dangerous people. While the subject matter is serious and timely, the setting is remarkably beautiful. Through all the drama and fighting the director still finds time for his characters to enjoy life at the beach.

Emotional satisfaction and critical appreciation are hard to come by, but the ‘City of God’ manages.


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