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Todd Tucker Covers Our Family Issue

The Quintessential Gentleman Magazine releases it’s 2018 Family Issue featuring businessman, television producer, and father, Todd Tucker.

We have a social responsibility to acknowledge the impact that leading men have on their communities and the family infrastructure. Within this issue, we dedicate our pages to the men who are making emotional and physical strides toward building a foundation that will strengthen the modern day family. The radical act to be a confident Black Man in today’s society is often unspoken and with admiration, we salute our fathers, our teachers, our change agents and community leaders. For with their efforts and influence, we instill dignity and values that will transcend generations.

“It’s necessary to show the importance of fathers in our community” stated Editor-in-Chief, Eric K. Thomas. “The media has perpetuated a false sense of reality by personifying the character of a black father as absent and it is our duty to debunk these claims by sharing stories of extraordinary men like Todd. We must also provide lessons that will help grow our economy while depicting imagery that truly exemplifies who we are as a nation.”

Photographer: Dash Mcintosh | Stylist: Christopher Jamar Payne | Graphic Designer: Tyline Burgess


What is your definition of a Quintessential Gentleman?

“My definition of a Quintessential Gentleman is a man that has confidence. A man that does what he says he’s going to do. A man that loves his family. A man that’s not afraid to be vulnerable, not afraid to show love, and not afraid to be all around human.”

For the full interview with Todd Tucker and features with Sarunas Jackson (HBO’s Insecure), Dante Hoagland (The Last O.G.), and Justin Cheadle (NFL) order your copy of the Family Issue today!

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