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TJ Jackson Cements Legacy With New Single “I Don’t Deserve This”

TJ Jackson is rounding out his 2019 with another soon to be classic, I Don’t Deserve This, which was recently released.

After a successful debut of his seductive, sultry single Insomnia, TJ Jackson raises the stakes with this anticipated follow-up single. The harmony-laden, vibe and texture of this song has a smooth groove and is unabashedly punctuated by catchy throwback 90’s R&B elements but is perfectly layered with a modern and current urban beat. He says the song is about being in a relationship and finally having the courage to speak up after feeling mistreated. “Music is in my blood, it lives in my soul. It’s one of my biggest loves and with this project, I wanted to do something that mixed the current urban sound with my 90’s R&B roots. I am confident that with my production team we have found that sweet spot and made our own sound,” says TJ. 

TJ broke into the industry as a member of the hit pop group 3T, comprised of he and his 2 older brothers. Over the years, TJ discovered that as a solo artist he had more to give to the industry and after 3T disbanded, he took complete control of his music and the brand of TJ Jackson officially began. As his skills for writing developed, he learned that music he writes now has a message and connects in some way with his listeners. His fans will get 100 percent of him.

TJ is excited to create his own masterpieces and some of his greatest work are found in this new project. TJ is preparing for the first quarter of 2020 release for his upcoming EP Obsession.

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