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Tips On Attracting Men

Question: Throughout the years I’ve had countless ladies ask me for “the secrets” on how to keep a man. Now, even though the answers to that question are important, I find it sad that some women may never get to the point of using my advice in that area because they won’t even get a man. Friends, you’ll never have to worry about keeping a man if you can’t even attract one. So here is one major tip I give all single ladies.

It’s been said that, “the happiest girls are the prettiest girls”, and that couldn’t be more true! Most ladies don’t understand how important smiling is and what message that gives off to the world. Smiling shows the world that you are happy, and to a certain degree, easy going. Men like women that seem to be down to earth. Every now and then a guy may go for the girl in the corner of the room, dressed in all black and is trying to give off the mysterious and exclusive vibe. The majority of men would approach the lady in a room that is SMILING. Ladies must understand that there are A LOT of insecure men out there. Even though we may have big muscles, drive nice cars and have a lot of money now, at the end of the day we are just little boys approaching little girls on the playground of life. Men HATE to be embarrassed or get shut down in front of other people, so the fear of being humiliated may keep a great guy from approaching you.

Ladies, You’re smile is a key! Your smile is a “hall pass” that will allow them to come speak to you. There is an epidemic that is effecting most ladies in this generation, which causes them to suffer from what doctors describe as R.B.F (Resting B!t€H Face). The saddest part I that 3/5 women have it and don’t even know it. I’m kidding about that statistic, but I’m serious about the fact that too many ladies walk around with a stank face on and wonder why no one wants to approach them. They say that girls just want to have fun, well here’s a news flash, men do too! We want to approach the happy, smiling girl that looks like she is a joy to be around. We don’t want to approach the angry, twisted face lady that looks like she is two steps away from exploding on someone.

I’m not saying walk around with a creepy smile of your face like the Joker all day. What I am saying is that the next time you lock eyes with a man that you are attracted to, do him and yourself a favor, and give him a small smile and wave combo! You’ll thank me later!

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