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Thurman X Garcia: the Battle of Brooklyn

Tonight two welterweight boxers, in the middle of their prime, will match up for the battle of Brooklyn. Both WBC Champtons, Danny “Swift” Garcia will go against KeithOne timeThurman who is also known as knockout artist.

Thurman, fighting out of Clearwater Florida is looking to continue his rise up the Boxing latter. The 28-year-old has been making his way up the rank with strong victories over former champions Robert Guerrero and Shawn Porter. Thurman is looking to add another name to his 27-0 record. Somewhat of a lesser version of Thomasthe hit manHearns, Thurman will be looking to use his speed and power advantage to disrupt Garcia.

Garcia, at 33-0 has greater experience in fights with Championship caliber opponents. Beating the likes of Paulie Malignaggi, Lamont Peterson, Amir Kahn, Lucas Matthysse , and Robert Guerrero. While Thurman may be strong, Garcia has a notorious steel chin. Garcia is not much of a power puncher and moves only somewhat faster than a Galapagos tortoise. However, Garcia’s style and search and destroy fighting style may prove difficult for Thurman to work with.

In the corner:

Garcia: While Garcia has a marvelous record he may have bit off more than he can handle with Thurman. This will be only his fourth fight in the Welterweight division. While his opponents for the most part have been noteworthy, they were in no way viable challengers. Consequently we may have a Rocky 3 situation with Thurman as Clubber Lang and Garcia as the meatball. Garcia has had only 3 months to recover and prepare after a non title match against Samuel Vargas in mid-November. There should be some concern for any fighter coming off that short of a break into a match with the mobile Thurman.

Thurman: Given that Thurman has a KO% of 79, his reputation as a heavy hitter is accurate. Although, his last KO was over 3 years ago (5 fights) and could be a bad sign with Garcia having never touched the canvas. Thurman’s last fight against Shawn Porter, also at Barclay’s Center, was also controversial.  Barclay’s rang loud with boos from those in attendance after a close but unanimous decision for Thurman. With the possibility that Thurman’s power is not championship level, things could get dicey in primetime. Garcia’s height advantage and possibly being the Puerto Rican man of steel could stifle Thurman’s energetic attacks.

The Neutral Corner:

This match will be another one of the growing number of title fights on network channels, airing on CBS tonight at 9. All things considered both fighters could win this fight. With accuracy and an unrelenting ability to take hits Garcia has the edge. Expect fists to start flying in round 3 after they square each other up. Both fighters have a legitimate chance of winning but expect a 9th round KO from a body shot. The winner will could face off against the winner between IBF Champion Kell Brook and Errol Spence


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