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Thoughts on the NBA before Free Agency

For the first time since the Clippers locked DeAndre Jordan into a room, the days leading up to free agency could be just as entertaining as the days to come. Originally this article featured a lot more Chris Paul. However, the Rockets had other plans for me and the future of modern civilization. In the aftermath here are some thoughts as free-agency comes tonight.

Are the Rockets better or worse?

The Rockets traded away a plethora of above average role players for a Ball dominant undersized point guard. On just a one year deal, this could end up being a one-year experiment that has potential to be earth shattering or as dreadful as the Rockets of the Ty Lawson Era.

James Harden says he wants to play Chris Paul but so did the Clippers when they traded for him.

Throwback to when DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin found out Chris Paul was being traded to the Clippers… Aka the birth of "Lob City" — Def Pen Hoops (@DefPenHoops) June 28, 2017

Who will sign Otto Porter?

While he may not be a big name or a big player, his signing could be more impactful than most. Obviously, no one will be more interested in this signing more than Blake Griffin or Stephen Curry. Although, this is part of the reason why his signing is so important.

Porter who is the starting three for the Washington Wizards, he averaged a career-high 43% from three. This achievement coincides with Porter improving in almost every statistical category.

While he was overall an improvement for the season, his production was inconsistent at best. That being said the Wizards would prefer to not give him a max deal after giving one to Bradley Beal last summer. Teammate John Wall will also need a new contract in just a few seasons and will command a massive amount of capital. Even before these contracts are signed the Wizards are already having money trouble and trouble filling their roster.

These factors along with how difficult it is to compete without competent wings make this summer complicated.

With teams like the Nets or Nuggets on the horizon with nothing to lose, they could offer porter the Max. If that is the case, Washington will have no choice but to match the offer or lose him for nothing.

The Trail Blazers need to seize the moment.

The basketball trifecta is currently stationed in Portlandia. Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum, and Jusuf Nurkic were one of the best three men units post all-star break. This may have been just a small sample size, but they still need to be proactive while they have their core under contract.

(They need to find a way to trade Mo Harkless or Evan Turner for Paul George.)

Is Jimmy Butler as good as consensus says he is?

The Wolves were bad last year not just because they’re young but for a few reasons. One of them is their lack of fourth quarter shot making, another being their defense.

Welcome to Minnesota, Jimmy Buckets! ? — Timberwolves (@Timberwolves) June 25, 2017

On paper, Butler can answer their problems. Although Butler’s style of play and personality are questionable enough where there are some red flags.

Being reunited with his former coach can be as much of a blessing as it can be a curse. Considering one of the knocks against Butler last year is that he wasn’t a superb teammate to some of the younger players, what will he do when he’s the oldest player in the starting five?

 What will the Jazz do if Gordan Hayward Leaves?

While an argument could be made that Rudy Gobert has more value, Hayward leaving will be catastrophic. If Hayward leaves, there is a good chance George Hill leaves with him. They will be leaving Utah with little to the ability to replace them and an inability to attract big names in the meantime. It seems like the Jazz just got good again, and there’s already a chance it disappears.

Clippers should let Blake Griffin walk.

While reports of Chris Paul and Griffin’s antipathy for another come out, Paul’s absence may strengthen or weaken LA’s chance of a new deal. However, they should be looking elsewhere if it’s going cost them a five-year contract. At his best, Griffin can be an MVP candidate, and he’s an all-around player we typically haven’t gotten a chance to see previously. That being said the of-injured Forward has had problems with the lower half of his body since he was a rookie and they haven’t stopped.

{USA Today}

Griffin is incredible when he’s healthy but that has been so infrequent to put significant money and years is a risk the Clippers need to move on from. Trade Jordan and Blow up the team.

Does Boston getting Hayward and Paul George mean anything?

Yeah, that’s right, does it even matter if the Celtics add two all-stars to their roster? Hayward and George are incredible players and can both play with and off the ball as well as anyone. However, does adding them to this roster make Boston a contender? Isaiah Thomas is dealing with a hip injury that may or may not need surgery. The severity of this injury while not known leaves open the possibility that Thomas may have some lingering effects from the injury.

As a 5’7” guard, he needs every bit of athleticism he can muster, and a lingering hip injury would be disastrous. Particularly for a team that passed on Markelle Fultz and picked another combo forward.

The Clippers need to resign Griffin.

The Clippers have always been a franchise of disarray since the dawn of time they have lacked stability. There only real assets are players on short-term deals, and their best trade piece may be a guy they just got from Houston in Patrick Beverly.

{Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports}

Resigning Griffin gives the Clippers a direction to the future and saves them from having a rebuild. While they are in LA, they are not necessarily a destination. Having star players are the Clippers only way to progress. Jerry West Did not sign up to save the Clippers by tearing all down till the only players left are Jordan and Austin Rivers. The Clippers need Griffin and Griffin needs the Clippers.


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