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The Story As Told By J.R.E.

When you think of music, you think of music that entertains. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across an artist that is willing to share their experience by telling stories that listeners can relate to. The artist known as J.R.E is one of those artists who isn’t afraid to share his story with the world. We had the opportunity to learn a little more about just who he really is.

Who Is J.R.E?

J.R.E (Jay Runs Everything) is a prolific multi-talented creator. As a writer, singer, and producer the artist spans multiple genres with a unique sound and signature style.

What motivates you as an artist?

My motivation as an artist comes from my love for performing and creating music as well as me having far-reaching goals with visions of grandeur. The music I create is directly influenced by these aspirations and I won’t stop until I have achieved them.

How much of your work is reflective of your personal experiences?

A great deal of my work is reflective of my experiences. I love telling my story through my music. Some of the songs are the dreams of the life I hope to have, some are past experiences, and some are about the present day. I try to touch as many different aspects of my life as I can, not just negative or positive. You can hear some of it on Mixed Emotions my latest mixtape.

In today’s society, how do you feel that your music reflects the culture?

My music is a reflection of timeless culture, invoking certain feelings the listener can relate to regardless of the time period. Everyone goes through heartbreak or feels betrayed at some point, most people want to accomplish something, be it to fall in love or other life goals my music will always have culturally relevant sounds and messages.

What sort of projects can we expect from J.R.E In the future?

For me, the perspectives are limitless in terms of what the future brings. You can expect any number of things from me. I’m not bound by a genre, sound, or style and I love experimenting so once the resources are there I would like to branch off and try new things. I have a sample of what you can expect on my latest mixtape Mixed Emotions where I have pop songs and even an acoustic track on there!

Why do you feel you are a Quintessential Gentleman?

I’m a Quintessential Gentleman because I work to be as perfect as I can be. I strive to be the best version of myself in all aspects of my life every day. Though I believe in myself, and try to be the best at what I do. I’m still humble enough to learn, listen and to accept that without hard work and dedication the things I set out to have won’t come, or if they do won’t last.

Check out J.R.E music below.

Main photo credit: PlaybookMG

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