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The Running Man

This past month I’ve had more ladies reach out to me in tears than I ever had before. It seems that a lot of you are dealing with the same problem of having the men you are talking to randomly disappear on you out nowhere. I’m writing this for all of you ladies that have or will encounter a “Running Man”.

When I say running man I’m speaking of a man that doesn’t ever want to progress the relationship, and doesn’t ever want to be fully committed to just you. When a man stops texting you randomly I encourage you to NOT blame yourself. You ladies are always asking, “what did I do wrong”? The truth of this matter is that most times you haven’t done anything wrong. The truth is, you’ve probably done everything right up to that point, but ironically that actually scares some males off. Notice how I didn’t say MEN, because those males who are intimidated by a strong, independent woman are BOYS. There are clear differences between men and boys. Boys talk a big game, but rarely back it up. Boys live in the now and have no set plans for the future. Boys use their time and resources foolishly and selfishly while living in the moment. However, MEN want to build empires. Men have dreams and proper plans that they are dedicated to in order to bring those goals to life. Men pursue strong ladies. They commit to them, and have plans of marrying them and building families some day! Ladies don’t dim your light for anyone, ever.

Real men find strong, intelligent and independent ladies to be sexy! Most men know what ladies they can run game on from a mile away. Sometimes those men get brave, and get close to you ladies, then quickly realize that you are not going to give them an easy win, so they find an excuse to exit the relationship as quickly as possible.

Ladies, do yourself a favor and don’t run after a running man. He is running for a reason. He may have told you a story or about a life, or about a promise that he can’t back up. Rather than him raising his standards he chooses to run away like a little boy. So next time a man runs off on you take it as a compliment. Stay sweet, stay strong and stay in peace knowing that the RIGHT Man/King will find you and honor you like the queen you are!

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