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The QG’s Hot Watch List Picks

With summer being a month away and spring still among us, the QG has decided to put together our favorite men’s watches for this season. Yes, we know that if you ask most millennials what time it is they’ll probably look at their smartphones. While many rely on their mobile devices for the time, watches are still a very popular and fashionable accessory for men. For those of you that want your wrist to look as good as your wardrobe, we’ve definitely got you covered with the following watch selection.



The next watch is one of the most classic looks from our list and comes from BestWatchLand’s top 5 best Armitron watch list. While it ranked number 4 we noticed it right away. The watch is Armitron 204677BLSV. This watch is masculine and sporty but we liked the contrast of the shiny silver against the royal blue dial. This watched can be dressed up or down for all of your spring/summer activities. According to, “There are three sub-dials on its face. Two of them are used to show you the date and the day of the week while the third one is a 24 hours sub-dial.” The watch can be purchased for $75 USD here.

The next two watches come from G Shock and were recently released. We couldn’t decide on a color because we liked them both. These watches were released to commemorate Casio G Shock’s 35 year anniversary. The GMW-B5000 watches are inspired by the original DW5000C. According to, The vintage, square shape case and bezel light up with high brightness super illuminator LED light and a solar battery. It’s also capable of self-charging and has a special STN LCD. Watchuseek also explains “The Bluetooth function also allows the watches to connect to smartphones for reminder alerts, automatic time adjustments, and record stamps location data.” The silver and gold metal set these watches apart in a good way. The silver watch retails for $500 USD while you can get the gold one for $600 USD here

here. Check out more from Emporio Armani here.

All black everything is the mood for the next watch. This watch also from East Dane is Michael Kors’ Slim Runway black mesh watch. You don’t have to wear all black but it would be a good look with this watch. This watch can be dressed up or down and retails for $195 USD. Get the watch here. Check out more from Michael Kors’ here.

Where are the Camo lovers? You know we had to throw camouflage in the mix. This watch is easy to wear and more sporty for those guys that are always on the go. This is the Nixon Regulus watch and it’s for those guys who don’t mind shying away from the classic watch look. It can be yours for $150 USD by clicking here. Check out more from Nixon here.


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