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The New MacBook Pro. Is It Worth The Money?

No year is complete without another MacBook Pro release, when it comes to premium laptops, the MacBook is definitely one of the top contenders. Although we see similar designs every year with apple products once in a while there are just subtle differences in the products, which make it worth buying to some audience. Whether it’s the design or the performance we see people in lines on the release date. So, what makes the 2016 MacBook Pro special?


Apple’s design has made a very premium feeling laptop, a solid well fitted and clean looking design with improvements in the keyboard by introducing the 2nd generation of butterfly keyboard and a slightly larger touchpad. The Late-MacBook Pro is truly a successor to the older 12 inch MacBook Pro from last year. MacBook still has that clam shell design but has better and more rounded edges and have pancaked the design and now is only 0.59 inches tall over the older 13-inch MacBook which came in at 0.71 inches.

The new features which Apple has dearly added are the “Touch Bar” and the “Touch ID”. While optional, they are worth picking up. Apple basically took the whole top control section of the laptop and replaced it with a touch screen and you can finally get some Mac Book privacy filters to stop people spying on your screen! The control section spans about the same length as the display and is used as a control for performing control operations like adjusting brightness, volume and navigation. It is also used in applications for different purposes and can range from changing color of text to choosing the filter the user wants to use on their pictures. The Touch ID allows the user to unlock their laptop with their fingerprint, a very well integrated design which resides in the section of the Touch Bar. This innovative design has definitely broadened the concept of user-laptop interaction.


The newer MacBook Pro claims faster performance. But, in terms of real-world use there is a negligible difference. Although the MacBook Pro has shifted from the 4th generation Intel processors to the 6th generation, the performance improvement is very lackluster. The newer SSD solution does seem good on paper but won’t really have any much of a greater advantage over the older model and most users won’t be able to tell the difference. The available models can have processors from a duel core i5/i7 2.0 GHZ on the more basic MacBook Pro to a quad core i7 2.66 GHZ in the MacBook Pro 15 and SSD solutions ranging from 256GB to 512 GB.

Worth Buying?

The new MacBook may be advertised as being much better and improved but in fact that is not the case at all. Just like the other Apple products the MacBook Pro 2016 isn’t much of an upgrade if you have even a 2014 MacBook Pro lying around. In real world usage and tasks the MacBook won’t give you much of a performance boost or help you with your daily tasks any better, although the MacBook Pro has a very sleek and sexy design when it comes to performance and innovation the product is very lacking and needs a complete redo. If you’re worried about your MacBook getting a little slow, check out cleanmymac x reviews to see what can be done to solve this problem. Unless the main goal of upgrading is to show off, there is no real reason to upgrade for maybe another year. If you are coming from a Windows laptop, there could be more of a reason to upgrade. The biggest reason being that you get access to iCloud, a storage system for Apple-branded products to keep backups as well as extra files on a server somewhere else in the world. This is great for Mac users as it allows them to access their files from anywhere from multiple devices! Some people chose to avoid iCloud and instead use services from as they believe that it’s more secure.


The Newer MacBook Pro is definitely in the lead when it comes to the design and ease of use but when it comes to performance and innovation it’s not much of a contender. Most laptop manufacturers equip their laptops with much faster specs and for half the price, In a nutshell there is no advantage of shifting to the newer MacBook Pro, as the lack of useful features makes it not much of an upgrade.

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