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The Never Ending Story: New York Knicks

To those of you who thought the Knicks season was over when they finished 31-51, think again. Those who believed it was over when the Phil Jackson publicly said Carmelo Anthony should be on another team, nope. The unexplainable, ridiculous, nature of the New York Knicks continues to grow like a balloon ready to pop.

After the Knicks disastrous exit meetings weeks ago, the sorrows have continued!  Jackson has created all the controversy surrounding the Knicks, starting with the acquisitions of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. Noah and Rose came into the year with a significant injury history, and sadly that continued. Much has been made of which deal was worse for the Knicks.

After skipping the exit meetings and Kristaps Porzingis said he would refrain from contact with the Knicks till next season. Over the weekend it was reported that Porzingis’s agent (A.K.A his brother) had an unproductive meeting with the Knicks front-office.

In case Knicks fans thought they'd get through an entire day without some drama, it appears Kristaps Porzingis tweeted, then deleted, this: — Tommy Beer (@TommyBeer) May 7, 2017

Then Sunday, as reported by the NY Daily NewsJosh Longstaff, an assistant coach was let go for reasons unknown. Longstaff had been responsible for in some part the development of some of the Knicks young rotation players. Another person affected by Longstaff was Porzingis himself; the Latvian ‘Unicorn’ had even enlisted Longstaff to join his national team.

Once again, another notch in the long and dysfunctional history of the Knicks front office. They’re on a hot streak with all these poor decisions as it appears Jackson would like to continue its downward spiral into the triangle offense.

(Rough imagination of Jackson trying to teach the Triangle at Knicks summer league)

Longstaff was not just responsible for the development of ‘Zingis’ but rookies Willy Hernangomez and Ron Baker. Yes, THE Ron Baker, the published author Ron Baker. Who is Ron Baker you ask, who are you? This may be an antiquated notion, but one would think that if your star of the future has been unhappy with the management of the team skipped his exit meetings you’d tread lightly. Accordingly, you don’t fire his favorite coach so you can hire Pablo Prigioni.

While Jackson teeters on the ledge of the spirit world and his seat after beginning a nap halfway through the first quarter. In the real world, he would be sipping a drink out of a coconut through a flamingo straw and while flying down the west coast in turquoise roller blades. However, in this world, Jackson runs the Knicks, the most valuable franchise in the league. Consequently, with Jackson at the helm, the Knicks have had no direction. With the Draft and Free agency quickly approaching we may see a change in the front office when the dust clears.


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