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The Men Of Laurel Dewitt

Laurel Dewitt’s Spring/Summer17 collection entitled March.April.Mae took place during the second week of New York Fashion Week. The venue of choice was The Church of the Holy Apostles, a perfect backdrop for the designer’s regal collection.

Laurel Dewitt3

The designer is well known for her couture creations that involve the manipulation of metal in very creative ways. While the designs are innovative many of Dewitt’s customers find the pieces suitable for wear.

A leaflet that was distributed during the show indicated “March.April.Mae is devised for the regal, weaving metallic dreams for the golden god and goddess we all aspire to be.”

Laurel Dewitt4

The designer sent 18 looks down the runway, styled by fashion stylist Lisa Smith Craig, owner of 4Season Style Management and each piece was more fabulous than the one that proceeded it. Distressed denim, metal daisy dukes, chain bodysuits, and chain draped umbrellas all hit the runway in an exciting way. As each piece came down all I could think about was futuristic royalty.

The designer also include three men’s looks which was refreshing considering most of New York Fashion Week consists of women’s wear. Some stand out pieces from he men’s looks included a white denim vest with slicker insets and chain appliqué, bike cape slicker with draped chain, and a woven metal top that was impeccably structured.

Laurel Dewitt2

The designer worked tirelessly on this collection for three winters and three springs. Her dedication paid off in a major way. Some notable faces in attendance were Love and Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith who was wearing a top from the designer. Smith has worn pieces from Dewitt in the past. Other guests in attendance included reality star, Brittish Williams and celebrity fashion stylist, Debra Ginyard.

Fashion stylist to Robin Roberts, Diandre Tristan was also present at the LD show, It’s no surprise that seasoned fashion folk would want to see Dewitt’s latest creation after all she did design the crown that Beyonce wore in Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ music video.

Diandre Tristan

Mickey Freeman & Diandre Tristan

The crown she designed for Beyonce included metal flowers that the designer cuts and hand-paints herself. Metal flowers are unique to the designer as she also included them in her fashion show during NYFW. The show’s muse model and closer of the show was none other than supermodel, Jessica White, who captivated the audience with her stunning presence and mesmerizing runway walk.

Dewitt has also worked with Nicki Minaj (chain top from Anaconda video), Lady Gaga, Lil’ Kim, and Amber Rose in the past. The designer is a small independent New York-based designer who continues to pique the interest of fashion lovers.

The designer also just launched her own line of handbags that includes satchels, totes, crossbodies and metal evening bags that are stamped with her goddess logo trademark.


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