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The Men of “A Seat at the Table”

Solange‘s latest album, “A Seat At The Table” has already offered up two stunning visuals so far. “Cranes in the sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair” do not disappoint as they take viewers on a creative journey. Not only is the imagery something to behold but  the singer packs a powerful punch in the fashion department.

A Seat at the Table 4

“Don’t Touch My Hair” introduces us to men’s fashion which especially piqued our interest. The video opens up with the singer swinging her beaded braids across her face. The next scene reveals a somber Solange leaning on the shoulder of a wavy haired gentleman .

A Seat at the Table 6

Solo wears silver earrings from J.W. Anderson that sale for $405 as she seeks comfort from her male counterpart. At this point a dozen other men emerge from  behind Roman style pillars. The men are clad in goldish-brown Akademik velour tracksuits and sneakers as they get in formation much like the ladies in Solange’s sister’s video by the same name. In the following scene that includes co-ed style choreography eight men are seen wearing muted colors much like the clothes in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season. Two men are seen supporting and lifting one another in the air which seems to show trust and brotherhood among black men at a time where black men are seen as targets in society.  

A Seat at the Table 2

The “F.U.B.U” singer reveals that she pulled from a number of different places for inspiration for her album and videos as she presents us with unapologetically black songs and visuals. The image off four black men standing together wearing green sweatshirts and black and white briefs is literally art imitating art. The visual comes from a painting entitled “Complication” by a London based British Ghanian painter by the name of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

A Seat at the Table 5

The images of black men collectively working and standing together throughout the video represent solidarity and collectivity at a very troubling time in our world where the depiction of black people and black bodies don’t always get an accurate representation. 

A Seat at the Table 3

The final scene is a powerful visual with black men and women all dressed in white as they eventually stand and dance in a celebratory way expressing the essence of who they are. The men are wearing painter style suits which the London based artist Sampha wears earlier in the video.

A Seat at The Table 8

We can’t wait to see what else the bold singer has to offer as more videos come out. We’re on the look out for more men’s wear in her visuals.


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