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The March Madness Starter Kit

Madness is coming, are you ready? Just incase you aren’t, here is what you’ll need.

We are just days away from Selection Sunday, when March Madness begins and just under a month till the NCAA championship game. After Villanova‘s wild last second win during last years championship, we can only hope this year’s finale lives up to the hype. This is what every college hoop fan looks forward to; a full month of collegiate basketball. It’s almost impossible to see them all, and unless you live In Chapel Hill, according to Wallethub, you’re missing out on part of the fun. Are you ready for the madness and onslaught of games to come? Well, before you head out to stock up your food supply here’s a list of electronics you’ll need to have before the action starts.

It’s Bracket Season.

For those of us on the go or will find themselves sneaking games at work, you’ll need three things. One is an external battery. Missing out on crucial game time due to a dead battery is not an option. Thankfully myCharge makes some of the best and are here to help. myCharge has a wide selection of  batteries that best fit your needs. The second is a VIZIO SmartCast Crave 360 Speaker which can modestly turn your phone into an optimal visual and audible experience on the go. With a 8 hour battery life and wireless charging ability the Crave is also a great device once the madness ends. And the last thing you will need if you are trying to listen on the low is Rowkin Headphones. These portable bluetooth headphones fit right inside your ears!

According to Wallethub more beer is consumed this month than any other month. Supplies won’t last and if you’ve got a hankering for some fine tasting Corona, certified by the little diesel himself, you’ll need to go out and get it ASAP. For those of you not familiar with the extravagance that is the Corona life, might I suggest Coors, Yuengling, or Sam Adams. Its march. Treat yourself to some fine living because tomorrow is over rated.

Go hard and stay home.

Are you confident that your old non 4k tv can get you through the next three weeks of upsets and last second buzzer beaters? Do you really want to risk missing Lonzo Ball’s ugly shooting motion tear down your team’s hopes and dreams? There’s not a chance anyone wants to miss the potential 16 seed upset a one seed *cough cough* Gonzaga. The moment cannot be fully experienced without the best quality image and sound quality that puts you on the baseline of the final minute.

No one really loses as long as we can get through the tourney with Bill Walton in one piece. With him on the sidelines you’re really going to need a tv that has the technical ability to show every color of the rainbow on his tie dyed t-shirts. Thankfully there’s a way to see every color sphere of it and that’s the VIZIO SmartCast P-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display.

This Vizio P-Series comes in 50” and 75”, the 50” inch goes for a cool $999.99. 4k Ultra HD coupled with High Dynamic Range allows March Madness viewers to experience all the brightness, high contrast, and captivating colors the tournament has to offer. To take it one step further, Ultra Color Spectrum enabled on the VIZIO P-Series displays allow viewers to see every hue and tone with impeccable accuracy.

For those who are cool with missing out on the inevitable volcanic eruption there may be another model available. As luck would have it the VIZIO SmartCast M-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display 50” is on sale for $649.99. A good pairing either the VIZIO P-Series or M-Series displays, or if you already have a TV you’re happy with is the VIZIO SmartCast 45” 5.1 Slim Sound Bar System.

Sound bars are the way of the future. All Vizio devices come compatible with the Vizio Smartcast app. Available on IOS and Android systems the SmartCast App creates the ecosystem for your home entertainment devices. If you aren’t interested in downloading another App or your phone doesn’t have the room you’re in luck because the VIZIO P-Series and M-Series displays come with a Smarcast tablet. Designed specifically to be your all-encompassing control for your viewing experience.

Ice cream for everyone.

If you are the type of person that has a sixteen seed upsetting a one seed in your bracket, I suggest you listen up. There was 1 in 9 quintillionth of a chance of getting your bracket correct so don’t take it too hard. After loses, the purchases of pizza and desert go up dramatically. Don’t be afraid to call up Dominos for their two for $5.99 deal. Get yourself desert and pizza for just 12 dollars. Now you can sit back, relax, and watch the rest the madness of the tournament.


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