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The Law According to Joseph Wilson

In the world we live in, the law and the black man have never been too fond of one another. Luckily, there are great people in the world working to bridge the divide between the law and black man. I got the chance to interview Joseph Wilson ESQ and he shared with us what he is doing to leave a lasting legacy.

Who is Joseph Wilson?

Joseph Wilson is a husband, a father, and a driven and successful entrepreneur trying to make his footprint on the community and to create a legacy for my family.

What is your contribution to the world and what legacy are you working towards leaving?

I think my contribution to the world is speaking truth to power and demonstrating the courage to hopefully inspire others to do the same. I want to leave a legacy that shows that it is OK to be a strong black man, to speak your mind and not worry about how others might negatively criticize you for speaking up about what is right and what is in the best interest of your people. And the legacy I want to create is to also hopefully inspire more people to get into entrepreneurship and creating a legacy for themselves. Too long have we as a people been dependent on others to provide for us or to create opportunities for us. The next generation, I hope, will continue to have a shift in mindset to begin to create their own opportunities.

Joseph Wilson

As we know, most people aren’t big fans of the law. How do you feel you’re helping to change that?

I think I am helping to change the perception of lawyers every day by my client service with my own clients. My goal is to give all of my clients a wonderful experience with me and for them to see that I represent the profession well. Furthermore, through my social media, I hope to inspire other people of color to enter the legal field, as blacks only make up about 4% of the profession. My goal is to also demonstrate that there is something special about a black man when he is trying a case at trial. We have the intellect, the empathy, the swagger that is unmatched, and when we are locked in in our element we are truly unmatched. Like our brother Johnnie Cochran was.

What does it mean to be black in America to you?

What it means to be black in America to me is to be a precious diamond in the rough, with that diamond still trying to understand and uncover their own inner beauty. I am incredibly proud to call myself a black man, despite how others may feel about me or perceive me. I truly don’t even care about changing the perception of others outside of my race. It doesn’t matter anymore. If folks have hate or negative bias in their hearts that is on them, I just want to change how WE perceive one another and feel about one another given the hundreds of years of literal brainwash we’ve experienced about what it is to be black or come from African descent. That’s the transformational change I hope to achieve. In fact, that is the transformational change that we WILL achieve.

What comes to mind when you think of being considered a Quintessential Gentleman?

When I think of being a Quintessential Gentleman, I think of a man who serves others with style, class, and a swagger like no other.

For more information on Joseph, please visit his website.


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