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“The Last O.G.” Star Dante Hoagland Discusses Acting and Summer Goals

Dante Hoagland is your all American teenager who’s humility, charisma and the ability to inspire can be attributed to the strong family values that were instilled in him. He possesses the talents to take the entertainment industry by storm with personal goals of building a lasting career in film and television. Dante can currently be seen as one of the fraternal twins to Tiffany Haddish and Tracy Morgan’s character on the TBS network series The Last O.G. Hoagland shares with us the importance of using his visibility to motivate his generation, future industry plans and the similarities displayed between both his TV and real-life moms.

Tell us about the character you play on The Last O.G.

Shazad is the 15-year-old fraternal twin of Tray (Tracy Morgan), and Shay (Tiffany Haddish). Shazad is being raised by his mother,Shay and his Stepfather Josh (Ryan Gual). Shazad lives a seemingly sheltered, comfortable life; world’s away from the hardscrabble upbringing of his father Tray. Shazad is a sensitive kid, sweet but complicated. He doesn’t have a rebellious bone in his body.

What goals do you have to help push forward the agenda for more young black faces taking on bigger roles in television?

I am extremely blessed to have appeared on some top watched television shows.  It is what all actors want, right? In the now, the best way I can help push forward this agenda is by being the best me I can and pushing others to tap into their biggest, boldest dreams.  Spreading positivity. Being inspiring, empowering and encouraging. And lastly, being a great representation of a young black man who continues to work hard at his craft. Moreover, I want to have my own production company where I would write, direct, and produce. This will certainly give me the opportunity to make these roles available to younger black faces.

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Do you see any similarities in your TV mom, Tiffany Haddish, in relations to your real life mom? Yes. They’re both funny, protective, loving, and no-nonsense mothers.

How can you use your social platforms to encourage the iGeneration to get out and vote?

It is interesting that they say the iGeneration is a lost cause – laughable if you will.  The iGeneration remains digitally savvy and supposedly less politically savvy. I think for me, voting is a right that was fought for by many minority groups.  It is unthinkable to not exercise this right. Since I won’t be of legal voting age in 2020, I think the best way to encourage those that can is to support getting out and voting through my social media, whether creating specific messages, supporting national causes, or even local messages in my community.

What’s on your summer music playlist?

Drake, Tekashi69, Sobxrbe, Luke James.

Where is your favorite place to vacation with your family?

My favorite place to vacation with my family would be Florida.  Florida is my favorite place because one I enjoy going to the Disney Parks, two, I love the scenery and the weather. I also have several family members that live in Florida.

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What do you look forward to must during the summer time?

I look forward to attending cookouts, parties, and day trips to the amusement/water parks.

You have a long journey ahead and we are excited to see what’s to come for you, can you give us a little insight on your next big project?

We’re back shooting Season 2 of The Last O.G. Also, please keep up with me by following my social media platforms for any future projects announcements. Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Check out a preview of The Last O.G. below.

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