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The Immersive Experience at House of BET

This past weekend, BET hosted a weekend of events during the House of BET during Atlanta’s Superbowl weekend. In addition to the tasty bites and open bar, guests got the chance to experience the culture that has helped to define popular moments in black culture. There were displays such as “Whew Chile”, “Lebron Walks Out”, “The Soul Train Disco Ball” and many more which allowed people to feel like they were apart of our cultures history even if just for the moment.

The weekend also brought on some special screenings for the upcoming BET shows Boomerang and American Soul. I had the opportunity to attend the American Soul screening hosted by Bryan Michael Cox and Kenny Burns. Anyone who knows me would know that I love older music and trends that helped to define generations. That’s exactly what this show is. It’s a 10 part series that tells the dramatic story and sad end to Don Cornelius, the founder of Soul Train the longest-running entertainment show dedicated to African American style, dance, and music. We got to watch the 1st episode, which I won’t share however make sure you tune in Tuesday, February 5 for the premier and you won’t be disappointed. Sinqua Walls, Kelly Price and Tony Cornelius who is the son of Don Cornelius and executive producer of the show were all on hand to share their story and share with us why it was so important to watch the show. It’s more than the story of a man, it shows that with hard work you vision will be reality.

Check out #HouseofBET for more photos. Make sure you tune in to BET’s new shows. View your TV guide for times.


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