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The Hiring Of John Lynch Has Many Scratching Their Heads

John Lynch is in as the San Francisco 49ers general manager.

Lynch has been named the new general manager of the bay-area team, and the decision to hire the former all-pro safety, who doesn’t have NFL personnel experience, is leaving many scratching their heads.

The former Buccaneer defensive showstopper has been a color commentator for the NFL on Fox for the past nine seasons. His former position is certainly an enviable and desired transition for many, especially since he went from a professional football player to a career in television. However, this unorthodox role change will be significantly more challenging for Lynch.

The hire is drawing many comparisons to when the Detroit Lions hired Matt Millen, who scraped by with a 31-81 record as general manager before being canned. It has been rumored that positions under Jed York, owner of the 49ers, may be less than desirable after the firing of Jim Harbaugh in 2014.

For now, we will have to wait and see where Lynch takes this 49er team, as well as the decisions he has to make, most importantly, the fate of Colin Kaepernick. And, likely, he will be joining and working with new 49er head coach Kyle Shanahan, the current Falcons’ offensive coordinator.

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