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The Groomsman Suit Company is Making Groomsmen Tuxedo Ordering Easier

Earlier this month, I was the best man at my oldest friend’s wedding. This was my first time being in a wedding party and not to mention the first time being a “best man”. So the process began. I received an email with the requirements needed to have my tuxedo ready for the big day. After reading the email, I’d realized that I would be renting a tux for over $250. I come across a lot of menswear brands in my line of work and know that I could buy a suit or tux for less than what they were charging me to rent one (you can visit this site for great deals on Wedding Tuxedo Rentals). But, I wanted to be compliant so I just did as I was told. I went to the retail store to be fitted 30 days before the wedding and there I was instructed that I could pick up my tux the day before the wedding. I also had to drop it off within 24 hours after the wedding day. The day before the wedding, we had to rush to the store and pick up everything. We were there for over 2 hours to make sure everyone was fitted and whatever alterations had to be made were also done at that time. We were also worried about making sure all of the tuxedos were returned the next day since we all flew in for the wedding and were flying out the next day.

Is this really what all groomsmen go through for a wedding? There has to be a better way and there is. It’s called The Groomsman Suit. I had the pleasure of trying out The Groomsman Suit, a full-service digital suit company that provides their customers with an affordable suit and tuxedo options for relationships biggest day. From choosing my tuxedo style to figuring out what was my fit, the daunting process of groomsmen tuxedo purchasing has forever changed. Not to mention how good I looked in my tux. I had the opportunity to speak with the co-founders, Diana Ganz and Jeanne Foley, to learn more about The Groomsman Suit and the wedding tuxedo industry.

Why is it better to own a groomsman suit than renting?

Honestly, because you can own for the same price as a rental. Men have just been misled and ripped off for so long by bigger brands that have to charge a higher price point for a suit or a Tuxedo that’s honestly even less quality than what we sell. Men have been made to believe that the only way you can own a tuxedo is if you spend over $500 and if you can’t do that, then your only other option is to rent. And that’s just not true. 

It’s also the experience of having to go to a store, get measured, wait until a week before the event to get it and then scramble if it doesn’t fit quite right. The alterations that they do for you, if you need them, are halfway temporary alterations.

Can you describe The Groomsman Suit’s “Find Your Fit” process?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers. For us, we love the pattern of our suits and we carry one of the real-time size ranges of many brands. So in just a single color of the jacket, we carry over 70 jacket sizes from size 34 to 60 across four lengths and fit types. We also do that for the pants. Everything is sold separately so that a man can find the best fitting jacket and the best fitting pants. We don’t force men into sets and so by virtue of that, we’re able to get a really close to custom fit off of the rack because of all those possible size combinations. We guide men to the right recommendation by taking a lot of our customer data and with that, we built the “fit finder model” on our website. It basically asks just a few simple questions like what’s your height, weight, dress pants size and if you know your chest size. Of course, we do free exchanges and returns. So if what we send our customers isn’t perfect, we have other options that we can use based on the input and feedback that they’re getting.

What type of scenario is perfect for gentlemen to order The Groomsman Suit?

The best part about us is that you can order super far in advance if you’re a planner or you can order last minute. We do ship within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the order and the shipping is pretty quick. We do capture a lot of last-minute weddings because it tends to be something that guys put off. Then realize that the rental option sometimes isn’t an option after a certain point because they do require the advanced booking of the items to have it ready in time. We definitely cater to both. With our easy wedding group coordination system, it really takes the stress off of getting everybody on the same page. So guys can literally go to our website, set up their group, just enter their groomsmen emails, select products they want to buy, and then you have a real-time view of where all those orders are. Have they shipped yet? Have they been delivered yet? We manage that for the couple and it couldn’t be easier. 

What can we look forward to from The Groomsman Suit?

We actually just launched two new colors. We have a really beautiful charcoal suit and light blue color that is available for pre-order right now and it will launch for sale the end of February, early March.

Another big question that we always get is “where do I get a kid suit that will match for the ring bearer?” We very quickly realized that a lot of other brands aren’t doing that. They’re not offering the kids too and kids suiting, in general, can be extremely expensive for parents to invest in for one time wear. So we are really excited to launch the kid’s line.

To learn more about The Groomsman Suit company, click here.

Eric K. Thomas in The Groomsman Suit


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