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The Greenhouse Box Company: An Interview with Craig Housley

The Greenhouse Box Company is a new company on the rise. This year, Philadelphia native and owner, Craig Housley, respectively, began running operations in Texas. His Greenhouse Boxes is a luxury line of handcrafted, custom laser cut stash boxes and humidors that are made of fine hardwoods and acrylics. “The perfect bait and tackle box for the everyday smoker, Crafted for connoisseurs by connoisseurs”, he says.

Check out our interview below with this promising business owner as he gives us a peek into his ‘budding’ business and how he got started.

Who are you, where are you from, and how did the idea for Greenhouse Box Company come about?

My name is Craig Housley and I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Greenhouse Box company came about after looking at the market and everything reminded me of my grandfather’s humidor and wasn’t eye appealing. This was my chance to use my creativity and make a splash on the cannabis industry! Having an engineering background, I was determined to change this dynamic by creating something stylish and classy.

What’s your main gripe with the current cannabis laws?

My main gripe is the stigma that it has. Many people perceive it to be negative. Many people aren’t educated enough to think past people using cannabis for reasons other than recreational. This is one of the most effective forms of medicine but thats often omitted when discussed. To most, cannabis is simply misunderstood. At first, this was something I misunderstood also. But after joining cannabis reform groups and sitting in on various legislation panels I saw the overall benefits of cannabis use. The bigger picture was clear. There is a larger overall issue, people that need to use cannabis as an effective form of medication are very often not allowed in many states due to state and federal law, such as if a patient wanted to use this pineapple haze strain to combat their depression (as it’s very good at doing so) and uplift themselves for the day, they couldn’t due to perhaps the state laws in which they reside, or just federal law in general. Luckily, people in some states are able to access things like texas marijuana cards which gives them access to the drug for their medical needs.

What made you want to get in the cannabis industry?

You may have asked yourself what is cannabusiness, but the more research you do, the more you’ll start to understand that it is any business to do with cannabis or marijuana. The more I start looking into this term, the more I become interested in being a part of this industry. The marijuana industry is growing exponentially with legalization in more US states in the works. Presently, in its infancy, its still a billion dollar industry. Much like prohibition, once cannabis is legalized it will never become illegal, which means it is here to stay or almost here to stay. Within the cannabis industry there is a need for The Greenhouse Box (GHB). Class meets style all while providing a durable storage option for medical and recreational customers is our top priority. We allow customers to customize a GreenhouseBox of their exact specifications as opposed to the mass produced/old fashion options that currently exist on the market. We allow the consumer full artistic control in building their own GHB based on specific need. Everyone has a different style or option that they prefer and with full control on several customizable designs, the customer decides what is of need and whats not. Our product is 100% laser cut and serves as a technological upgrade to the normal.

Another reason for breaking into this industry would be offering medical patients a quality storage option that allows them to effectively store a product based on a specific medical ailment. Customers use different strains to ease different medical issues. So that medical customer may need to hold on to a certain strain until they feel nauseous again. We totally understand this and The GreenhouseBox provides this. In a sense, this product could be used as a durable medical good.

Where did the name Greenhouse Box Company come from?

The name Greenhouse Box is a play on the cannabis nickname and my last name Housley. After much thought, I felt this name was a clue on what this product was made for while still playing on the materials that were being used which are fine hardwoods (green products) & acrylic.

Can you talk about the process of creating your product from the first idea through execution?

This journey has been very rough but rewarding. This idea started as a sketch on a piece of paper in May 2015. Having virtually no skills in wood work I hired a guy in Austin Texas to assist with the production process. That didn’t work out as he took the thousands of dollars in supplies I had invested and went missing. I was discouraged and questioned my path several times. I stumbled upon TenBit works, a maker space on the south side of San Antonio. I went and sat for 7 weeks with Don Smeller, who has been a mechanical engineer for 52 years and he taught me CAD & how to mechanically sketch from the ground up. Don has been very instrumental and important to me. The knowledge he’s given me is monumental. He’s given me so much confidence and it allowed my skills to flourish into where I am able to show my creativity. After being empowered with these skills, I felt as though I was able to jump into this or any industry head first and be the best and most creative. As it stands we have over 20 different customizations of Greenhouse Boxes.

How does it work? What will customer enjoy about it?

So marijuana and tobacco maintain freshness based upon relative humidity combined with an air tight compartment. Companies such as Boveda Inc and Integra Products have very accurate desiccant packets that act as two way humidity regulators. Meaning the indicated relative humidity will be maintained for up to two months if properly sealed. In other words marijuana maintains its freshness and potency at 58-62% relative humidity. Tobacco is best maintained at a relative humidity 70-76%. So, the airtight storage of the Greenhouse Box coupled with one of these desiccants can revive dried out crusty buds and bring back those flavors that attracted the consumer to the product.

Any consumer medical or recreational will love the fact that the product that they originally purchased will maintain its freshness and potent properties for as long as they provide a suitable environment. We boast the most durable product that provides discreet storage and a very stylish design. The customer will love the extreme customizations we offer and that chance to feel like they have built a box thats not common. The industries top ALL IN ONE, bait and tackle box for connoisseurs.

Any advice to young entrepreneurs trying to create their own brand or start their own business?

Throughout this process, there have been many hurdles and distractors. I would definitely encourage any entrepreneur to keep going and not worry about any negativity you may encounter because the expected outcome will be satisfying. Put the work in and it will come into fruition. Dedication to your craft. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! NEVER GIVE UP!

Click here to learn more about Greenhouse Box Company.


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