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The Gentlemen Behind Luxury Clothing Brand Loren Spratt

There are fashion trends that come and go. There are styles that are hot and then burn out. A classic suit, though, never goes out of style. Loren Spratt, created by fraternity brothers Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, Mario McMillan, and Brandon Theriot, test the waters of the different fashion trends by mixing up a splash of colors and their “special sauce” in suits for all occasions.

While attending Clark Atlanta University, these gentlemen created their first suit, with inspirations tied to “one the prettiest women at their school.” After that, the needle followed through the seams of the business known as Loren Spratt. With each person bringing their own spin to the brand, not one of their items are the same. This is what Juwan Mass said he thrives off of, not having any fashion limits or restrictions; “being able to create” in short.

With the fraternity brothers all having different interests and personalities, they all have the same idea in mind, which is expanding and educating the essence behind suiting. Loren Spratt is not just a fashion brand. They also maintain a media production business. Ghost Brothers, featuring Dalen Spratt and Juwan Mass, is entering its second season on TLC and highlights our nation’s first African-American paranormal investigation team. Additionally, with outreach programs within Atlanta, Loren Spratt is able to help provide tailored prom suits for inner-city teens. “There doesn’t only have to be suits for court,” Dalen Spratt said. Mario McMillan added, “A suit never goes out of style.” There’s not a definitive age at which men should start wearing suits, the team expressed.

Through speaking seminars at Clark Atlanta University, the team teaches young men to feel proud, modern, and powerful. These are all attributes synonymous with how wearing a suit makes one feel. Brandon Theriot concluded by saying that the brand is fueled by the mantra, “Look, Feel, Be” and urges young men to do just that.

Having created suits for Waka Flacka, Jessie T. Usher and RonReaco Lee of Survivor’s Remorse, and Hosea Sanchez of The Game, the word is out on Loren Spratt.

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Photo courtesy of Trea Day Management & Publicity.

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