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The Gentleman Behind Masculine Footwear


Starting a business can be hard. Whether you’re franchising a cleaning business with an established brand or starting from scratch, starting a business in the fashion industry can be even harder! If you haven’t heard of Masculine Footwear you will soon. The Quintessential Gentleman sat down with CEO and Founder Hasan Yates to find out more about how he started his luxury shoe brand Masculine . 

Before you started Masculine Footwear, what were you doing? I was doing a number of things from barber school, studying to be a truck driver, but ended up at a regular 9 to 5 job.

What made you start Masculine Footwear? I was buying Jordan’s repeatedly but wanted to create something much more in luxury footwear. I feel anybody can do what they put their mind too and my passion of shoes led me to create Masculine.

How did you go about getting Masculine Footwear off the ground? First, I had to get to a place of comfort and knowledge in which I was doing. Atlanta is known for big name brands and molding people’s career into success, I had to get out there and grind non-stop. I was connecting with celebrities at events and social media to introduce my brand. I’ve connected with some great people to help push my brand such as Big Tigger (V103 Radio Personality), Kirk Frost (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta) and Big Mike Clemons (Musician) just to name a few.

What were adversities you faced with starting your business? The hardest part has been getting some of my family and friends to support my vision. I don’t know what it is. We all need to support each other in any way, shape or form RIGHT? The people I reach out to or just met in general showed love genuinely. I’ve had support from family and friends now but the ones I really thought was going to show love didn’t.

You have the privilege of having your wife as the CFO and cofounder of the company, how has having your wife as your CFO helped to make Masculine Footwear a success?

It’s something that you don’t see in the industry to often. She keeps my head on straight when I get frustrated and holds the stress down but also can be nerve wrecking lol When I’m slacking she’s right there to remind me HEY!!! Get up let’s go! Let’s keep it moving! And I appreciate all she has done for me so far on this journey.

Who is your biggest influence in the fashion industry? Hands down F.U.B.U creator and business mogul Daymond John.

Who is your biggest influence in your personal life? That has to be my grandmother, rest her soul! She looked out for me so much that I can’t explain. I looked up to my parents and older brothers also but my granny is number 1.

What advice would you give to someone trying to follow in your footsteps and make their business dreams as reality? Hey! Go for your dreams and invest in yourself, no one can stop your dreams but you! Create you a plan and stick to it, the motto is DO WHAT YOU LOVE DOING and make a living out of it.

What is the next step for Masculine Footwear? Getting into retail stores and eventually opening up our own store worldwide.

What does a Quintessential Gentleman mean to you? Quite simple, remain righteous, humble and well maintenance. Represent yourself in your highest demand with looks, proper attitude and value, you know that CLASSIC man!

Make sure everyone check out Masculine


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