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The Gent Who Spent: Derek Jeter Buys a MLB Team

Over the Summer, Derek Jeter and an ownership group with New York Businessman Bruce Sherman made a bid to buy the Miami Marlins. After agreeing to a deal with the previous owner, the sale was approved by the league late last month. For 1.2 billion, Jeter becomes just the second African American Principal owner of an MLB team.

One of the sports most beloved and recognizable faces, Jeter is one of the few players in the four major sports to reach a position of ownership. He’ll join Michael Jordan and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson as the only players to reach the ownership level.

As far as the Marlins go, Jeter will likely operate somewhere in between where Johnson and Jordan are as owners. Jordan is more present and on the day to day as Johnson owned part of the Dodgers but wasn’t always present with the team. Early reports suggest Jeter and his group are looking to cut salary for the club. If so the hope is with a Baseball mind behind the franchise, Jeter can put together a coherent roster for the first time in years.

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