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The “First Look” From Foot Knowledge: The Culture’s Floor Mat Authority

The world was recently introduced to one of the most innovative products that have come on the market in a very long time. Everyone needs inspiration and Jonathan Clayton, Joshua King, Akeem Toure and Zuberi Morrison, 4 gentlemen from different backgrounds came together to fill a void that the African American community didn’t know we had and have introduced us to something we can’t live without. Foot Knowledge brings inspiration right to your doorstep.

Foot Knowledge

Foot Knowledge is an urban lifestyle floor mat brand founded by the Culture, for the Culture. FK products are rolled out in creative collections of culture-related quotes, positive affirmations, and exclusive capsule design collaborations. Foot Knowledge seeks to provide the ultimate statement piece for every space – everywhere. Durable quality + strong identifying messages are the top priority, which ensures each FK product can lay perfectly at the intersection of novelty and functionality.

“If you’ve ever loved someone enough to make them a mixtape or playlist, then you understand how proud and in love with our Culture we are. Foot Knowledge is our mixtape to the Culture.” Akeem Toure (Co-Founder).

The Gents recently hosted “First Look”, an intimate event where their closest friends and supporters got a look at the companies new line of floor mats and door mats.

“It’s important for the Black culture to be represented at each doorstep that welcomes its progress.” Joshua King (Co-Founder).

Why was Foot Knowledge created?

At some point, most of us have gone shopping for a floor or doormat and have had to rest on the unfortunate realization – “I’ll just settle on this one.” Mats can be so generic and rarely express how we feel when and where we feel it. Foot Knowledge is here to fill in a crucial gap in the floor mat industry. Pre-Orders are now available for the inaugural collection. Get yours here.

Check out images from the event below.


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