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The Fashionable Journey of Chef Garth Cheese

What can you say about a man that can win the heart of anyone he encounters with his Delicacies? That is Chef Garth Cheese, the Caribbean born chef that stands out amidst several chefs in the society with his quality cooking and fashion sense.

Choosing a passion in life could be a bit difficult but for Garth, his grandma was always that helping hand in life and in the kitchen. He began loving the kitchen after successfully turning a moody evening into a happy moment by cooking for his family. As a young man, he learned from the wise people around him to practice to learn and never to ignore the advice of anyone because they appear lesser in quality than he does. He learned practice is going to get you perfection if you refuse to quit and the fantastic thing about him is the ability to put the knowledge he got into practice. “Whatever knowledge you do not have is the knowledge you do not desire,” says Chef Garth.

He learned his techniques by watching his family in the kitchen and eventually became a professional at the age of 15. “Be hardworking, be focused, be outstanding and you would not have to worry about being successful”. Owning a brand is not a problem, getting a standard is not the difficult task but maintaining it is the backbone of anything great. Unlike other chefs, he understands that change is constant and upgrading your knowledge is important to keep you at the top of the game. He is always open to learning new things and is always asking questions from his clients when necessary to avoid an unpredicted situation.

He cooks food with good quality and taste. A taste to remember, a taste that keeps you wanting more. Appearance brings judgment faster than speech, this unique chef, motivated by friends and his aunt who is a fashion lover, developed taste for fashion and was able to get an appearance other chefs don’t consider matters. “Wisdom is better than wealth; it will not fail nor forsake you in the days when money cannot keep you going,” says Garth. This experienced chef owns “The Stylish Chef” brand. He carries a great vision that does not only entail him remaining relevant as a private chef but also constantly moving his brand to a higher level.

Knowing that dreams and fantasies will never be enough to get you to your desired destination, he is working towards becoming what he has envisioned himself to be every day without relenting. Just like every chef, he has a celebrity he would love to cook for and the person happens to be singer John Legend. He has worked with some other fantastic chefs and still has some of them on his list that he would love to work with. Knowing a man through his biography is not enough, and not comparable to knowing him by meeting him. This fantastic chef is available to you anytime you want to reach out!

Check out his website and make sure to follow him on Instagram.


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