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The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Marketing That Works

Marketing is an integral component of business success. It helps companies build awareness for their products and services as well as gain market traction. However, with tons of new marketing technologies, resources, and strategies available these days, it can be extremely challenging for an entrepreneur to know where to begin.

For instance, with consumers being almost always online, businesses can no longer rely solely on traditional marketing. They must also have a digital marketing strategy.

So what should entrepreneurs do to get their marketing strategies running at full speed in this modern landscape? Here are the best marketing tips they should follow.

Have a Website

Many elements make up a comprehensive brand, such as the business name, logo, tagline, and colors. In today’s world, the anchor that supports a brand is a website. A website ties all marketing channels — both online and offline — together. All businesspersons that want to increase their business’ exposure must have a website. Make sure you contact a company like HostiServer to help with your web hosting so you can focus on your business.

Identify Marketing Goals

Marketing goals should be aligned with the company’s fundamental goals. For example, if the company’s goal is to increase its sales by 20%, the marketing goal can be to generate 40% more leads to its website. Entrepreneurs should also identify the metrics that can be used to measure those goals as well as the right tools to put in place to do that. It’s also crucial to keep an eye on what competitors are doing to avoid straying too far.

Be Found by Using the Right SEO Strategies

Once the website is ready, an entrepreneur should then optimize it to enhance its visibility on the internet. One way he or she can achieve that is by listing the business on online directories. This will help prospective clients find the site easily. An entrepreneur will also need to tweak the web pages to make the site show up in a good position in search engine results pages, a process referred to as SEO a marketing technique.

There are many technical SEO aspects that have to be taken care of, such as doing keyword research, incorporating the relevant keywords into the site, and performing inbound link building campaigns. It’s also worth noting that the algorithms that search engines utilize to rank websites keeps on evolving. So it’s a good idea for entrepreneurs to seek assistance from a SEO professional. Something like Whitehat Search Engine Optimisation SEO Services Packages could set you up for success.

Create Content

Content is an essential tool for promoting a business. Creating valuable and consistent content can help a company attract its target audience, drive them to take profitable action, and make lasting connections. According to research carried out by the Content Marketing Institute, 85 percent of marketers say their marketing strategies were more successful as a result of higher quality and more efficient content creation.

The content that a company creates should be relevant to its industry, unique, and allow people to relate to the brand’s personality. The types of content that can take the business closer to its marketing goals include articles, videos, podcasts, blogs, infographics, case studies, white papers, e-books, and surveys. While the website of the business should be the main home for the content, social platforms such as LinkedIn, SlideShare, and YouTube are also excellent places for publishing content.

Launch a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, people tend to make their purchase decisions on a brand’s presence on social media. About 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media profile for servicing whereas 33% prefer using social media rather than the telephone to contact brands.

Consumers look for more information about a business on social media, and if they can’t find it, they’ll readily look for its competitors. It’s non-negotiable for companies to develop a strong presence on the major social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The key to success with social media marketing is to make and maintain profiles on different sites, engage in discussions with the audience, and share links to content on the company’s website. And don’t forget the often overlooked method of Employee Advocacy.

Develop a Lead Strategy

Once an entrepreneur manages to bring guests to his or her website, he or she should then be looking to make a sale through converting these guests into leads or paying customers. This can be achieved by offering white papers, limited-time site memberships, free ebooks, product samples, service trial, a seat at a webinar, discounts, and videos about the products. Landing pages with several options or easy opt-in forms also help with lead generation.

Install a Feedback Loop

Many customers don’t complain about poor-quality products or customer service — they go to a different company without informing the previous one. For that reason, it’s crucial for a business to take feedback from its clients. That will allow it to make the necessary improvements to its products and services.

Besides a “give us your feedback” form, a business can offer incentives, meet users, and study customer behavior data to get feedback.

Make Use of Email Lists

Once a business builds an extensive email list, it can effectively interact with leads and earn a significant amount of money in the process. Through email marketing, it’s easy to segment customers, create their profiles, and deliver customized content. It’s important to remember that selling through email should be subtle. Send content that is relevant, valuable, engaging, and has powerful calls to action.

Measure Marketing Efforts

After implementing strategies, entrepreneurs should monitor their efforts. Through measurement and analysis of metrics such as engagement levels, conversion rates, inbound trends, and online reach, entrepreneurs can know what’s working and what isn’t. This can help them establish the most successful campaigns that they ought to allocate resources to, and can result in substantial results and getting ahead of the competition.

All entrepreneurs should utilize these strategies and keep working on them to take their businesses to the next level. These marketing strategies have worked for plenty of companies.

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