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The Dream Quentin Harris Chose to Chase

Q in the Streets, Q or brother are all names that lead back to one man, Quentin Harris a young man that moved to Atlanta with a dream and within a few years has become an inspiration to many. He has accomplished things in TV, film, radio and now he adds author to his resume. Check out our interview with Quentin Harris below.

Quentin Harris, also know as “The Other Q” in Atlanta, tell us about you and your journey.

A small portion of my journey, wow! Where do I begin? I moved to Atlanta a few years ago. I traveled back and forth for almost a year to networking events & networked with people & etc. Then one day I attended a workshop with Cynthia Bailey from Housewives of ATL & she told me “you have such a gift” but you need to move to Atlanta! The exact same day, I ran into Reco Chapple who was looking for an assistant at the time & that was my confirmation. I went home and packed my bags into my small car. Moved to Atlanta with no money & went to work the day I got here & have been grinding ever since! 3 years later, I’ve worked with people such as Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey & the list goes on and on. I have my own radio show on WTNT 107.7 titled (Q In The Streets), I’ve written my first book titled “The Dream I Chose To Chase”.

With everything you’ve accomplished, what’s next?

With everything I’ve accomplished, what’s next is to allow God to have his way. That sounds very cliche but it’s true! There isn’t much I can say but there have been talks about me moving to FM radio. I have a new show with my partner coming to E network. I’m in the works of writing another book & also completing another season of the reality show I’m currently apart of (Chasing Atlanta) on top of that I’m a brand Ambassador for several companies.

What is your biggest source of motivation?

My biggest source of motivation would probably be my family! I grind so hard for them so that I could take care of them. I want my son to have things I could have never imagined. My parents have sacrificed so much for me because I don’t know if I would have been able to allow my baby to move away from home. So my biggest motivation would be my family, I owe them & my mentors my success!

When did the idea arrive in your head for your book Dreams are Realand how has the journey of an author been?

Becoming an author snuck up on me actually. I was having a conversation with a book publisher one day about me potentially wanting to start a book and she told me to send over everything I had. Immediately, she called me and said, “Whoa Q, you have an entire book you just need to edit it & get a photo shoot & let’s move forward”. My journey as an author has been incredible I’ve been on several platforms. I’ve even been on a panel with my hometown mayor. My journey has been incredible.

What do you feel makes you a Quintessential Gentleman?

What makes me a Quintessential Gentleman is that I’m a hard working, family man! I believe in my brand being the best. I believe in continuing to rise above mediocre. I believe in pushing past the normal. I am your quintessential millennial entrepreneur guy!

Grab your copy of The Dream I Chose to Chase here and make sure to follow Quentin on Instagram.


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