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The Champion Returns: Creed II

For Adonis Creed, fighting is instinctive and as natural as breathing. When he enters the ring, it’s like walking into a world made for him. Adonis can only conquer. He must remember the gentle voice echoing on the edge of memory when he stands tall and faces the deafening crowds. Fighting is more than a call to defend his father’s legacy. Glory, pride, and revenge drive men that feel they have something to prove. Sweat, blood, and tears are what it takes to become a legend. The stakes could never be higher, and he has much to lose in the fiercest competition to date. His unbreakable spirit will be pushed to the limit in the wake of self-realization and what it means to be a champion. His destiny lies with what was left behind.

The gentle hum of a familiar, cherished voice echoing from the kitchen becomes an anthem. The infant cradled against Adonis’ chest is soothed to sleep by his heart`s strong, steady rhythm.  Now he knows why he’s fighting. Gleaming gold and thunderous applause can’t compare to a welcoming embrace. Those who stood by him when he was nothing will remain as the world lies at his feet. His name will be etched in their hearts when others have forgotten him.

He doesn’t need to prove his worth to thousands when he means everything to a precious few. Once he bore the burden of his father’s reputation, but now he seeks his own path.

The continuing saga features the acting talents of Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, and Sylvester Stallone. These actors will undoubtedly shine as they reprise the roles of their iconic characters. The renowned Steven Caple Jr. directs this uplifting, cinematic masterpiece. The upcoming blockbuster is scheduled to be released on November 21, 2018. Fans won’t be disappointed by this worthy predecessor to the 2015 box office smash. Check out the trailer below.


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