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The Cast of Sister Circle Live host “Truth Talks”

The hosts of the hit daytime talk show Sister Circle Live partnered with The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to bring guests “Truth Talk: Twists and Turns on a Journey to Success.” The panel discussion, moderated by Sister Circle Live creator and executive producer Helen Swanson, gave attendees a deeper look into the journeys of panelists Trina Braxton, Quad Webb, Rahsan Ali, and Syleena Johnson. Because of their candor, this was one of the most powerful panels I have ever attended They spoke their truth and showed that being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. They all come from different backgrounds but two things are consistent throughout their experiences – never giving up and learning that “no” isn’t always as finite as we think. Sometimes it means not this opportunity or not right now.

When asked “What do you feel your purpose is?” the ladies’ answers were brief, yet so impactful. Quad shared that she is a vessel who wants to use her blessings to create opportunities for herself and others. Syleena feels that she is a healer who heals through music, nutrition, authoring books and hosting. Trina admits that she hasn’t yet discovered her full calling, but she is enjoying living her life in the meantime and doing things that she has never done. Rahsan thinks that she has hardly scratched the surface her full potential and compares her journey to building a house. Her passion is to serve, encourage and uplift.

The two-hour event also included a Q&A from guests, and the cast made sure to take photos with all fans. As the evening drew to a close, an audience member asked the moderator and panelists what they would tell their younger selves if they had the opportunity. Helen Swanson answered, “Learn to not fear failure because when I started feeling that failing isn’t bad, that’s when I started winning.”

For some daily inspiration and food for thought, make sure you tune in to Sister Circle Live on TVOne. Be sure to check your local listings for accurate times.


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