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The Best Bluetooth Headphones

According to audio experts, the best Bluetooth headphones come down to a few core concepts. They should feel good to wear, be easy to carry and use, and fun to listen to. As well as checking out the list below, taking a look at this review website here could help you choose headphones sooner than you think. After testing 20 popular models, we found four styles outperformed their competitors.

If you want the depth of over-ear headphones, our pick is the Bose QuietComfort 35. They gently surround the ears and excel at sealing out environmental noises that interfere with music and podcasts. Balanced sound quality will satisfy bass-lovers and fans of powerful vocals for up to 20 hours on a single charge. Because they surround your ears, they’ll sound more realistic, but are inherently bulkier — our other picks are better for those who want more portability. If you can deal with the size, easy-to-use features like multi-device pairing make the Bose solid workhorse headphones for taking to the office, home, and anywhere in between.

The Jabra Move are our favorite on-ear headphones. The fit is close to perfect, and they sound just as good, if not better, than some premium headphones for half the price. If you don’t like headphones that sit on or in your ears, or you’d like to seal out more noise, you’ll want to go with the Bose. But the Jabra Move are significantly cheaper and slightly less cumbersome.

We love the BeatsX for their thoughtful and balanced design. Unlike other in-ear headphones, we rarely had to adjust the wires and the earpieces fit in our ears without making them sore. They also sound great whether you’re listening to the heavy bass of hip-hop or the soft piano of a rock ballad. As in-ears, the BeatsX sound less natural than over-ears or on-ears like the Bose or Jabra Move, but they’re less bulky and give the ears more breathing room.

True wireless tech is still in its early stages, but the Apple AirPods are the most comfortable and reliable in their category. They offer some of the best call quality we could hope for with their dual mics, and their small charging case guarantees you’ll be able to listen on the go. Music won’t sound the best compared to our other picks because the AirPods don’t fit as snugly. Even so, sound quality is still clear; the Bluetooth connection is dependable; and the absence of wires makes the AirPods innovative and practical.

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