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The Best and Worst Dating Scenes for Singles in America

If your dating life has been uninspiring lately, good news – it might not be you. BackgroundChecks made a comparative analysis of 102 American metropolitan areas in several categories relevant to single hopefuls, and its conclusions are eye-opening. The reason for your bleak romantic life might actually be that you’re looking for love in the wrong place.

Lame nightlife entertainment options (or no options at all), few available single women, expensive bars and restaurants can make it extremely difficult to hit off with potential dates in your city.

What Makes a Dating-Friendly City

Safety is one of the major considerations when it comes to going out at night. Few things can be more detrimental to an active social life than high crime rates.

Availability of single women is a self-explanatory criterion that magnifies – or diminishes – your probabilities of landing a date.

Availability and quality of nightlife entertainment options are uber-important. In fact, affordability of nightlife entertainment options is one of the reasons New York is nowhere near the top of the best dating scenes in the U.S.

Also, buzzing cities are understandably more helpful in the pursuit of love than sleepy suburbs lacking in nightlife options and inhabited by married people and retirees.

Worst Dating Scenes for Singles in the U.S.

It may come as no surprise that the worst cities for singles share a common – and very unromantic – quality: high crime rates. Add in high STD infection rates and a lackluster nightlife, and even the most optimistic singles can feel disheartened in these places.

Memphis, Tennessee

Ranking last – and the worst – on BackgroundCheck’s list is Memphis, Tennessee, with a sky-high rate of violent crimes and STD infections. Unfortunately, soul, blues, and rock’n’roll aren’t enough to secure a romantic environment.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock’s dating scene is bleak because there aren’t all too many single women in the city in the first place. Top that off with high rates of violent crime and few nightlife destinations, and you get all the reasons to try your luck someplace else.

Wilmington, Delaware

Sorry, Wilmington, but you need to do something about those high violent crime rates if you want to help your singles find true love. Dating and violent crime are incompatible.

Anchorage, Alaska

Not only is it cold, but also dangerous and scary in Anchorage, Alaska, with high crime and STD infection rates. Not helping is the fact that its dining options are very expensive. It’s no wonder the city ranks so low.

Stockton, California

Sharing the common sins of all dating-unfriendly cities on the list, Stockton has few single women and an unimpressive nightlife scenery that’s also very expensive.

Best Dating Scenes for Singles in the U.S.

If you’re location-independent and feel like trying your luck in a new place, consider exploring your dating opportunities in one of the dating-friendliest cities.

San Francisco, California

With the biggest ratio of bars per residents, San Francisco also boasts of a large female – and single – population. It may not be the cheapest place to live in, but the great variety of nightlife options means you can always find a wallet-friendly entertainment.

Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada

An unlikely contender, Reno, Nevada, has a high share of single females and an impressive wealth of entertainment options, casinos included. It’s also very safe.

Las Vegas might be the ultimate Sin City, but a high percentage of single women, affordability, and variety of entertainment options and the romantic atmosphere created by all those wedding chapels make it an excellent place to try your luck at love.

Portland, Oregon

Despite the constant rain, Portland, Oregon, boasts enviably low crime and STD infection rates, as well as a vibrant diversity of affordable restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Also, consider exploring Omaha and Lincoln in Nebraska, New Orleans, Seattle, Washington, and Billings, Montana, which also made it to the top 10 best dating scenes in the U.S.


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