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The 2018 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends for Men

As the unrelenting grip of frigid weather stations itself over most of the US, the nostalgia of summers’ past seems to be the driving force behind the ever-present challenge designers face to be innovative. The inevitable warm up in the temperature is a certainty, so let’s see what’s in the forecast for the upcoming season. Gaudy, with a chance of backpacks!

1. Reworked trench coats – Men everywhere are embracing the trench coat for spring. Designers are pumping out masculine yet diaphanous trenches that can be worn with Bermudas and flip-flops.


2. Pastels – They are fun and playful looking hues that can be incorporated with almost any color. It’s perfect for the gentleman that dares to be different. This color can be mixed and matched with other pastels, as well as neutral hues.


3. Print Mania! – Men everywhere are embracing prints, and are learning how to blend more than one, to create an awe-inspiring kaleidoscopic look that is all their own.


4. Backpack attack – This trend combines utility, as well as the opportunity to be a complete snob if necessary. Backpacks are definitely a mainstay on this decade made so cool. This juxtaposition is an interesting take on a decade that will never die.

Dolce & Gabbana

5. 70’s – As the silhouette in men’s fashion is slowly turning over to a more relaxed fit overall, more designers are playing with the neutral color story this decade made so cool. This juxtaposition is an interesting take on a decade that will never die.


6. Stripes – This height enhancing trend mostly seen on the runways, such as Hakan Akkaya, in black and white, darkens the mood and is sure to trickle off the catwalks onto the sidewalks.


Written by Mark Freeman


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