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The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is the SUV You Need

I drove the 2018 Lincoln Navigator during the week of our Cover Release Party and my birthday. For the seven days, I was on a high, especially because I was sitting so high as I drove the streets of New York City.

The modern world is full of sleek and cool looking things and cars are no different. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator received a complete makeover and I love it! The new Navigator still retains its majestic presence and character but also brings about some subtle changes to give it a sleeker yet meaner look. The large chrome grille and badge up front make it unmistakably Lincoln. The badge gets a modern touch with a soft LED backlight that gives it an uber cool glow. By combining sharp lines down the side and imposing curves on the front and back, this SUV manages to strike an authoritative stance even when it is still. The LED taillights and the strategically placed pillars give this car a menacing look with a dash of intrigue. The overall looks will appeal to traditional Lincoln lovers while also making some new fans. It is bold and attention grabbing from every angle while managing to stay distinct in a highly competitive segment.

Lincoln could have played it safe by going with what every other SUV maker in the world does and opted for something simple for the interiors. Instead, they chose to go a different route and have created something spectacular. The beautifully crafted wood, plush leather seats, and the classy metallic accents create a warm and inviting interior. The placement of the gorgeous 10-inch center console is convenient enough to be operated easily while also acting as an aesthetic element. The dashboard is divided into neat sections giving it a very clean look while staying highly functional.

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator has been acing all the parameters so far. This is, however, the most important factor that would decide if it is going to be a success or just another SUV. Thankfully Lincoln haven’t held back in the performance department. The 3.5-litre engine with twin turbochargers provide heaps of power while managing to stay efficient and economical by SUV standards. This is mated to a 10-speed automatic gearbox that makes this SUV as good on uneven terrain as it is on the tarmac. The new gearbox will allow the engine to be able to churn out more torque and yet be more economical than the previous Navigators though it does feel a bit clunky in the first 3 gears. The increase in torque means that there is substance in Lincoln’s claims that the 2018 Navigator can out-tow any of its competitors. It comes with an all-wheel-drive option as well making it at home even in unfriendly driving conditions. This SUV is equally at ease in bumper to bumper traffic and serious off-roading.

2018 Navigator 2

Bells and whistles is another aspect that Lincoln has put in a lot of effort and that clearly shows. It comes with plenty of driver aids that make driving fun, safe and easy. The Lane-keeping system and the adaptive cruise control are very handy features and are so clever that you will be amazed at how well they manage to keep you safe all on their own during rides. The car is loaded with sensors that will alert you to any object or person on the road and even brake for you if you fail to do so in time. These systems definitely increase the safety of the car by quite a margin. Apart from these, the car is loaded with loads of features such as adaptive headlights, personalized settings for seat positions and mirror positions for different drivers, cool media center and so much more.

Check out some of the features I love below!


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