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Taye Diggs Discusses “Set It Up” On Netflix and Hosting “Crossovers” Talk Sh

Actor Taye Diggs joined AM to DM this morning to discuss his new Netflix rom-com Set It Up, hosting the upcoming talk show Crossovers and to test his knowledge on lines from his most popular roles.

Full interview: @watchstage‘s #Crossovers host @TayeDiggs talks his new gig and tests his romantic comedy knowledge — AM to DM by BuzzFeed News (@AM2DM) July 9, 2018

What makes a great romantic comedy?

Taye Diggs: I love being in them and obviously watching them. I like ones that are a little different. The way a writer can mess with those ideas and bring something new and original is what appeals to me…That’s something that’s good about ‘Set It Up.’

Being a part of Brown Sugar and other classic black romantic comedies?

Taye Diggs: I’m in my late 40s. For a minute, it was kind of unsettling to hear people come up to me and say ‘I grew up with you’ or ‘my mom’s a big fan.’ It’s an honor…I feel very blessed to have been a part of that movement when it was kind of new. And just to know that I had something to do how well people are doing today.

Hosting his first talk-show, Crossovers?

Taye Diggs: It just seemed like a right fit…It was really great getting on the other side of the desk and having the opportunity to talk to all of these performers. I’m learning more about these actors and myself, and it’s just interesting to see how everybody comes to be who they are…A lot of people don’t know that I have a stage background. I love interviewing people and learning about the path that I didn’t know.

Check out the trailer for Set it Up below and click here to watch.


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