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Tampa Bay Buccaneers JacQuizz Rodgers Hosts his Youth Football Camp

This past week, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Running Back JacQuizz Rodgers hosted his inaugural Youth Football Camp at his high school in Houston Texas. Check out our interview with Rodgers as he talked about why he started the Youth Football Camp, his community, and the future.

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Why did you start the JacQuizz Rodgers’s Youth Football Camp?

This Youth Football Camp is a project I’ve wanted to bring to life for awhile. I’ve been a guest athlete at a few different camps hosted by some of my old coaches and friends. I really see this as a chance to host my own camp every summer and an opportunity to give something tangible to the people in my community.

Who came out to support your event?

It was great because we got support from local businesses, sponsors, local high school coaches, and of course the parents & children in the community. The children brought a bunch of energy from beginning to end. Tramon Williams and Treston Decoud are two NFL guys who came out and really got hands on with the kids. When I think back, it was special bringing together organizations and putting such a good program on the field. The Richmond-Rosenberg Boy’s & Girl’s Club, Chick-Fil-A, the entire LCISD School District, and the Church of Living Waters were some organizations who really went the extra mile for us in preparation and on the day of the camp.

What did the kids learn at your camp?

We emphasized energy, effort, and competing to push one another first. From the opening speech, we encouraged kids to push each other and give a full effort when finishing each drill. This goes a long way because technique and skill are a lot easier to teach when you have kids completely engaged in the drills.

How important is your community to you?

I was looking forward to this question. My community is so important to me. I still have family growing up in this community so I don’t think my passion will ever fade. My daughters, nieces, and nephews still live and go to school here. Some of my closest friends work and are now raising their own families here and in neighboring communities. My mother, who means so much to me and everything I do, also lives here with my sister. The thing for me when it comes to the kids in my family and extended family is that I look forward to seeing them through high school, college, and beyond.

What is next for your Youth Football Camp?

I look forward to continuing to push this particular youth camp every summer. I hope to add a camp in Oregon, where I attended college, next summer. The Oregon community really embraces me and has always stood with me. The kids there are great and I would really enjoy operating a camp there in the future. I think this is a reasonable goal.

What can we look forward to from JacQuizz Rodgers?

Well, I’m excited about the new season, my returning teammates, and new teammates in Tampa. This experience with the camp adds a great balance honestly. I feel very positive. I’d say my main focus is getting ready for the season, training camp, and being a great teammate. I expect that we will go through our share of high and lower points this season. This happens with every team, every year. From the Super Bowl champ to the last place team. I look forward to just being a leader through whatever on the field or off-field situations we find ourselves in as a team.

To learn more about JacQuizz Rodgers click here.


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