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Super Bowl Showdown!

It all comes down to this. Super 53, a game in which many could’ve predicted but no one knew it would be this big.  This Super Bowl no matter what the outcome, will go down as one of the most historic games of all time. The Patriots are in their 9th Super Bowl since 2001, which was also the same year we last saw the Rams playing for the title. It is a battle of old school vs new school and possibly the past versus the future. Football immortality like every year is gained on the big stage and there is no stage bigger than the Super Bowl. Lets since who will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy

It is obvious Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time, and at the age of 41 he will play in yet another super bowl. Brady looks to get his 6th ring and redeem his team from last years defeat handed by the Philadelphia Eagles. It is also evident that the Patriots this season are not the team we are use to seeing. Not only is Brady having a down year, but the Patriots lost 5 games on the road and lost key players along the way like Josh Gordon and Isaiah Wynn. Gronk looks slow and their defense just as ugly. But they are back on the main stage after the biggest road playoff win in franchise history. The players and staff on the Patriots are all too familiar with the Super bowl experience and their fans are hoping to plays in their favor. With the greatest coach of all time (Bill Belichick) running the system they certainly are the favorite to win once again. The Patriots haven’t let up a sack so far in the playoffs and will need that level of play come Sunday.

The Rams on the other hand are built for the main stage. With Aaron Donald and Ndamukung Suh leading the charge on the defensive front, they are almost impossible to block. This defensive line has hit the quarterback over 100 times this season. Donald recorded 20.5 sacks this season and if you decide to double team him the Suh will eat you alive. Aqib Talib isn’t a stranger to the Patriots, he played briefly with the Patriots and also won a ring with the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. This will be the best offense the Patriots have played in the Super Bowl to date. Their offensive line is ranked 6th in the NFL and their backfield is amazing with Todd Gurley and Jarred Goff. Sean McVay may be the youngest coach to coach in the Superbowl, but he is one of the best in the league.

With all the similarities between Tom Brady and Jarred Goff, also Sean McVay and Bill Belichick, we will definitely have a classic come super bowl Sunday. The Rams have the opportunity to end the dynasty that once started with their own defeat. The Patriots can tie the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins of all time. But both can’t happen and there can only be one winner, one Super Bowl Champion!


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