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Summer Essentials to Transition into the Night

If you’re like me and stay in a metropolitan city where your travel schedule heavily affects your plans for the overall day then having the capability to transition your attire from a day look to the evening is essential. There are many days that I’ve wished that i could click my heels to be back home simply to administer a wardrobe change. However, the reality of it all is that it’s impossible to stay on task and on time for any engagement. So with the help of retailer, I’m learning a thing or two on how to pack light and prepare for easy modulation.

Check out my selects of a look that can take you from summer Fridays to the after-work mixer.

Club Monaco Plaited Johnny Collar Polo: $129.50

J. Crew 770 Core Stretch Chinos: $68

KENZO Tiger Espadrilles: $157.50

Polo Ralph Lauren 34mm Braided Stretch Belt: $75

Lotuff Leather Leather Cross Chest Bag: $690

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