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Suitsupply Expands its NYC Footprint to Hudson Yards

If you know me you know I love, love, love Suitsupply, a clothing brand created for the quintessential modern gentleman. Since its founding in 1999, the brand has established itself as a go-to retailer for stylish men globally and has been seen on celebrities such as P. Diddy, Kevin Hart, and Idris Elba. As its headquarters are in Amsterdam, the brand’s clothes have an international aesthetic that translates to customers worldwide, including to those who shop at one of its over 40 stores in the United States. Not surprisingly, Suitsupply has a major presence in New York City and recently opened its fifth brick and mortar store in The Big Apple within the new real estate development, Hudson Yards.

Hudson Yards is considered by some as the “new” New York, consisting of a conglomerate of office towers, retail space, residential buildings and art installations. I had the opportunity to tour Suitsupply’s newest location and upon arriving was met by ladies with trays of champagne and several well-dressed sales associates, all in Suitsupply of course. The brand’s marketing and PR manager Kirsten Zwijnenburg came to greet me and introduced me to the brand’s Vice President, Nish de Gruiter.

Talking with Nish gave me greater insight on how the site came to fruition and what differentiates it from its sister stores in the city. While Hudson Yards is home to many luxury shops including Dior, Fendi, and the city’s first Neiman Marcus, I wondered what, in addition to the excitement of the new real estate development, inspired the brand to open another location in Manhattan. The basic answer boiled down to supply and demand. There was a large market going untapped between the brand’s store on the Upper East Side on Madison Avenue and its Soho store (the first Suitsupply in the United States).

Each Suitsupply location caters to a specific clientele, even if there are several stores in the same city. Some locations are larger, like the multi-story Soho shop, while others are smaller like the location at Brookfield Place in downtown Manhattan. The Hudson Yards location carries the brand’s entire range of offerings, from casual wear to evening wear, shoes and accessories. It even offers several exclusives that can only be found there, which Nish graciously showed me as well.

What every Suitsupply has in common is its customer service, which, in addition to its price-point, helps to differentiate the brand in the market. The Hudson Yards store is no different, and its sales associates are knowledgeable about not only the stores inventory but the construction of the pieces and how each should fit on the body. They were also diverse in appearance, background and personal style, much like the clients who swear by the brand’s offerings. Suitsupply’s motto is “Don’t just fit in, find your own perfect fit,” and they create an atmosphere for customers to do just that.


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