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How to Create a Suave Bachelor Pad

As a single man looking to move into their own place, you’ve got two options. Do you slowly allow your living space to descend into a kind of untidy anarchy, or do you look to create a suave pad where you’ll be more than happy to have people over? Of course, your only option is to create something that’s sophisticated, gentlemanly and elegant – somewhere that’ll inspire you to better work, better-quality relaxation, and highly-impressed guests when you happen to host male or female company. Here’s how to work towards such an interior.

Less is More

A problem that many men have when they move into a new home on their own is their arrangement of items. The typical man might have a small library, a television, a games console, sound system – essentially, gadgets galore, wires aplenty, and not enough space to house them all. The tip here isn’t to chuck all of this stuff out, but you should be mindful of the fact that a busy room full of disorganized items isn’t going to be all that inspiring to live in. Organize, declutter, arrange, and create a system that’ll keep your room tidy throughout the weeks and months.


No room is more critical in a bachelor pad than the bedroom. Not only is this where you may well host your future partner, but it’s also where you go to be at your most relaxed and blissful. As such, you have no excuses if this room is smelly, dirty, and grimy. Instead, it should be a picture of cleanliness, with a bin you empty frequently, a laundry bin you keep tidy, and a bed you make as soon as you get out of it. Don’t allow this room to descend into squalor; see it as your desert island in the midst of the savage seas of life. Care about it, and make it comfortable.

Bachelor’s Habits

Dozens of stereotypes go along with the ‘bachelor pad’ ideal. You might yourself be thinking of making your home into a home movie Mecca, or into some kind of gaming salon, or even into a small studio for mixing music, but you should remember that a suave bachelor pad isn’t just about your habits and maximizing your time spent on the couch. Actually, it’s the place where you build your independence and your individuality, and as such you should pay more attention to desk space, kitchen appliances, and lighting than games, TV, and projectors.

Fitting Your Home

Finally, there’s much that can be said for making your home into a paradise of cupboards and shelves that are all neatly fitted and filled with your most treasured possessions. A man’s home is his castle, and the interior of his castle should be neatly and tidily filled with the possessions he holds most dear. Head over to to find solutions to your cabinet needs, in any color, to help you start fitting your bachelor pad into a more accommodating and blissful arena for you to develop into the man you wish to be.

These tips are designed for men looking to create stunning bachelor pads that articulate all that’s best about them – without slipping into untidiness or filth, of course.


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