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Tips To Buying Stylish Rings To Make You Feel Manly

Wearing jewelry isn’t just for women. Men have a way to accessorize with jewelry as well, and for as long as it is worn well, you will still look stylish but also manly. It is a false belief to think that wearing jewelry will make you less of a man. If you are one of those who would like to wear rings, check out Manly Bands for a great start on your ring shopping process. Here are ways to wear rings as an expression of style and masculinity:

Choose designs that aren’t overly adorned.

Overly accessorized and overly adorned rings should be reserved for women and not for men. For men, you would want to select a ring that is simple, classic, and elegant. For example, gone are the days when couple rings have to be exactly alike. The trend nowadays is for the woman to have a diamond or gem-encrusted band, and for the man to still have the simple and plain band. If you would like to have a little sparkle, just a few, pure white diamonds would work well. You can find great simple designs by shopping around on many sites including

Choose rings that can also be worn on the pinky finger.

The pinky finger is essentially one that is just for accessorizing, being that it doesn’t provide so much strength and use among all the other fingers. This finger is also where you can place your ring. Why so? It is where you can bring so much added attention or follow in the steps of Prince Charles and other royal men who wear rings on their pinky fingers. If you aren’t married yet, or if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a ring on your ring finger, or if you are wearing a ring for a purpose other than marriage, such as a cremation ring, then pinky rings are an excellent option for you.

Select rings that can easily be stacked up.

For trendier days where you would like to wear more jewelry than just one, you can also easily stack your plain rings. If you would like to try this type, you can also do a mix and match of plain and embellished rings. The key is to create a delicate balance between the ring types and styles that you will buy, most especially choosing those that you are going to be most comfortable using. If you see a ring and you aren’t sure about how you are going to wear it, or whether or not you can wear it, then perhaps consider another option.

Choose a ring that also goes along with your finger size.

Not all men have large hands, and if you belong to those with smaller fingers, then buying big rings won’t go well for you. Keep the size of your ring in proportion with the size of your fingers, lest you look like a hot mess. You will want to maintain that manly figure, and that look of class and elegance, since men don’t typically experiment with jewelry. And certainly, the same is no different with ring selections.

Choose a ring that is also versatile.

Men are plain and straightforward creatures, unlike women who seem to fancy more complicated and varied designs. On a daily basis, a man’s wardrobe consists only of the basics: a laid-back shirt, a plain t-shirt, a tuxedo or a coat, a long-sleeved or short-sleeved button-down. There isn’t much to play around with in terms of style. With this, when you decide to invest in jewelry, particularly a ring, you should choose a ring that is versatile enough to take from a casual run to the nearby coffee shop, to a formal evening affair.

Choose a ring that goes with your watch.

This section applies to men who wear watches daily: If you are just about to buy your first ring other than your wedding band, choose a ring that goes with your watch. Your hands will only look distracting and messy if your ring clashes so much with your watch. This can gain you a lot of attention, though not the kind that you might like.

Buying a ring can often be quite confusing because you do not know how and what to wear it for. Many men only wear rings for symbolism and specific purposes, such as wedding rings, or family heirloom pieces. However, there are also those who wear one for merely accessorizing. Whatever the purpose, if you are looking for rings to wear, you now have tips to guide you in the process of selecting the best rings that can express your style and masculinity.


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