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Stitch Fix: The Men’s Styling Service Powered by Science

Styling services have been popping up rapidly in the last few years, and differentiating between them is becoming increasingly difficult as the market saturates. They’ll take your preferences, body type and questionnaire, then voila! A new box of threads of every month. However, there has been one styling service getting particularly solid reviews, in part due to its advanced approach to bringing subscribers looks that they’ll love without the trial and error subscribers of some of the other services are subjected to.

Stitch Fix, at first glance, isn’t worlds apart from the other clothing styling companies out there; but at a second, more scrutinizing glance, it’s not hard to see why this company is making strides in climbing to the top of their niche.

Most styling services pair some type of customer profile with human stylists to deliver customized boxes or packages each month. Stitch Fix doesn’t stray from the pack in this regard, but their extremely comprehensive approach to developing this customer profile is what sets them apart.

While their algorithm does employ some of the standard practices generally followed by most of the styling services, Stitch Fix fills in the gaps in the yielded product matrix by breaking down each category even further. Have you ever had two t-shirts of the same size; and, while one fits like a dream, the other’s a flop? There are dedicated sections of their algorithm to prevent this and the other annoying issues, making for a more seamless and convenient experience.

Another reason why we love Stitch Fix is because they work emerging brands into their stock rotations. Diversity in your wardrobe is important, and sticking exclusively to the hot brand of the season or that brand you’ve been loyal to since you got that great sweater in 2004 can block out the possibility of stumbling upon some really great pieces from brands that could use the support. Of course, to supplement the breakout pieces by emerging brands, Stitch Fix carries a healthy selection of industry favorites like Theory, J. Brand and many, many more.

Men’s styling services are gaining popularity as the digital age progresses; and while they haven’t completely broken away from the pack, Stitch Fix is definitely among the leaders.

Click here to learn more about Stitch Fix and their advanced approach to keeping your wardrobe stocked and stylish.

Images courtesy of Stitch Fix

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