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Spring Style for Bearded Men

Men, winter is over but that doesn’t mean you should shave your beard. Movember has become a lifestyle so don’t let the pressure to be clean-shaved this spring stop you from being the bold, distinguished gentlemen that you’ve chosen to be. This spring is all about the defiant man whose beard matches his style and personality.

If you live north of the Bible belt, spring also means the end to frigid temperatures that can leave your beard feeling dry and brittle. With more sunshine and humidity in the air, your beard will grow faster and look healthier thanks to an increase of Vitamin D.

One thing’s for sure spring is the season to get seen and here are a few tips to get you some compliments on your beard.


Start by trimming your beard. This doesn’t mean cutting your beard off, it means trimming less than an inch of dead ends. This will remove any damage done to your beard during the winter months.


The warmer weather will cause you to sweat, so you will want to start washing your beard more often. This might mean going from washing once a week to two washes a week, especially if you are exposed to dusty and dry conditions.


One easy way to ensure your beard is hydrated is to increase your water intake to a gallon a day – yes a gallon. Water works wonders not only for you beard but also for the rest of your body. In addition, you can use beard balm more often or a beard moisturizing spray to add additional moisture to your beard.


We all know women who hate to get their hair wet, but there may be a good reason for this. Rain is soft water and it strips the oils that are naturally in your hair leaving it brittle and prone to breakage.

To avoid rainwater ruining your beard, take an old t-shirt and cut it into small squares so that it resembles a cloth. Take it with you when you leave the house on a rainy day so you can use it to sop up the rainwater. It also helps if you use beard balm to protect your beard on rainy days. Water and oil don’t mix so beard balm creates a protective seal, making it easier for you to air-dry a soggy beard.


Once your beard is prepped and ready for spring don’t forget to complete your distinguished look by being creative with your style. There is a difference between having a beard and having the ultimate beard. The ultimate beard tells the world that you take care of yourself and your beard. If you’re ready to be well groomed and well styled, I have a few tips to help bearded men take their style to the next level.


Consider that the shape of your face should correspond with the shape of your beard. Is your head circular, oval, square, cone-shaped or some other combination of these? Is your head noticeably big or small? What about the structure of your jaw? Do you have a bum chin, a protruding jaw, or an undefined beta jaw-line? Once you answer these questions you can start to build your style.

I have a small head with a long narrow face and an undefined defined jaw-line so a short or mid-sized round shaped beard won’t work for me. I have my barber shape my long, square-shaped beard into “Viking Style” so it compliments my face.

If you have a round face and a large head, having a rounded beard would work best. If this describes you, you’ll want to look at Rick Ross’s beard for inspiration.

If you have a cone-shaped head, where your face comes to a point at your chin you may want to disguise your pointy chin by growing out a full-rounded beard.

Of course, every person is different and only you know what works best for your face shape.


Spring is also the time where people feel an urge to change their hair. For men, I advise balancing your beard with your haircut. Last year, I rocked a high top with a full Viking beard and it looked like I was a 17-year old kid with the face of a man – it wasn’t a great look.

You will come to learn that some haircuts will take the focal point away from your beard and leave you looking a mess. You don’t necessarily need short hair with a long beard, I’ve seen men pull off locs with a beard, or a high fro with a beard, it just depends on the shape of your beard and how it flows with your hairstyle.

For the bald-headed brothers, I am not leaving you out. Make sure your beard is properly lined up and trimmed. Since you don’t have hair on your head, a well-groomed beard will draw a lot of attention.

Writtten by Deangilo Valentine

Photo Credit: Elle Edwards

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